Chapter 1 Page 11

It was slick, the smooth casing gliding easily against her tongue. It was large enough to spread her jaw uncomfortably and make it difficult to breathe. She struggled against the shell, but Ripple held it firmly in place, uttering soothing noises that didn’t amount to any actual words. Unable to protest or escape, she relaxed against her restraints. The vines eased, allowing blood to flow back into her extremities, but there was no relief from the hard nob in her mouth.

Ripple put the other end of the shell against her own pussy. The bulb slid between her dark labia, and she shuddered happily. The tiny guardian hoisted her legs and hooked them over the nape of Eaglette’s neck. With a hard thrust, she pushed upwards with her pelvis, driving the object deep into her sex.

This sent the shell down Eaglette’s throat. She choked and gagged, trying to catch her breath around the massive thing. Her lips brushed against the skin at Ripple’s nether as the shell was momentarily engulfed between them.

When Ripple pulled back, the huntress managed a blessed gulp of air. It tasted decadently sweet after the lack of breath. Eaglette didn’t get long to enjoy breathing because Ripple shoved her groin right back up into the hunter’s face.

This cut off her breathing once again, but she was more prepared the second time. The thrusts were repeated, over and over. Each time, Ripple’s pussy came close and touched her lips. The guardian’s juices coated the shell, splashing warm moisture all over Eaglette’s face.

Once Eaglette got into the rhythm of the thrusts, she stopped worrying about the next breath and let herself feel the warm tingle building against her tongue. Taking staggering gasps when she was allowed, she found the light-headed effect it had on her to be pleasurable. Not that she could really protest much.

Ripple had stopped paying attention to her captive. The guardian’s eyes were closed in rapturous bliss. She leaned her head back, small fingers caressing her own breasts and tweaking her raised nipples. Her legs tensed every time she thrust upward, and the shell dildo was penetrating her profoundly.

It wasn’t long before Eaglette noticed the shivering trembles that marked Ripple climaxing. She wouldn’t have thought the tiny woman had any more left in her. She was sorely mistaken about that.

That wasn’t the only thing that caught her off guard. Ripple’s whimpering orgasm was accompanied by a salty liquid squirting out of the tip of the bulb in Eaglette’s mouth.

It filled her mouth, rushed down her throat, and she choked. The overflow leaked into her lungs, which caused her to cough and sputter desperately. Gently, the shell was removed and the final squirts of the liquid ejected all over her face, covering her eyes, nose, and mouth in a milky film. The same slick liquid was dripping from Ripple’s pussy as well.

You have paid sufficiently for the first fish, but you have two left to pay for.” That was when Ripple leaned down and kissed her. The kiss was poignant and heartfelt. It stole Eaglette’s breath away, literally. She suddenly found it very difficult to breathe, and any of the milky substance still left in her mouth seemed to be making its way eerily down her windpipe.


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