Chapter 1 Page 13

What are doing back there?” Eaglette’s question was suspicious.

Shush. Payment.” Was the only response she received. She craned her neck to see what her little monster was on about. She had a sinking feeling she knew where this was headed.

It isn’t going to fit back there, that thing is huge,” Eaglette protested.

Enough,” snapped Ripple, and one of the vines curved around Eaglette’s mouth, effectively gagging her. Wasn’t that a pretty pickle?

Ripple spoke again. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” If the guardian had intended her words to be soothing, they were lost on Eaglette. Unable to respond, however, she was completely at the mercy of her sadistic captor.

Ripple placed the tip of the shell against the rose pucker on Eaglette’s ass. The hunter struggled, trying to shift her bum away from the intruding object, but the vines tightened, holding her in place. Ripple made tsking noises and pressed the bulb into that sensitive area.

The guardian was not harsh, and she slowly pushed the shell deeper, allowing Eaglette to acclimated to the large object intruding in a place that wasn’t used to such torture. When the shell had sunk into her sufficiently, Ripple straddled the other end, placing it once again inside her pussy. Was she insatiable? How many times was she going to cum before she was satisfied?

Like before, the guardian rode the shell, driving it deeply into both of them. The shell worked further into Eaglette’s poor little ass hole with every pounding thrust. Getting into the rhythm was easier this time, and the hunter had less trouble breathing with the focus on her nether regions instead of her abused mouth and throat.

Eaglette made whimpering noises, but they were mostly ignored. Once, she did make a noise akin to distress when the bulb plunged deeper than she was prepared for. Even though Ripple didn’t respond verbally, she thrust a little more cautiously after that, at least until she started her next round of climaxes.

By the time the screaming started, Eaglette’s ass was well and truly taken. It gaped open for the shell dildo, taking every last inch that was placed inside of her. Milky warm liquid poured into her ass hole, filling her with so much spooge that it squirted out between her butt cheeks.

When Ripple’s climax sputtered to a trembling conclusion, the guardian could barely move. If it hadn’t been for the water, she would have collapsed over top of her captive. Instead, she bobbed over Eaglette like a piece of debris.

The vines eased once again. They didn’t release Eaglette’s arms and legs, but her mouth was free. She gasped, the shell slid out of her, releasing her ass from the tight intruder.

You are a mean little monster,” whimpered Eaglette. All pretense was gone from her tone. What more did she have to lose? It wasn’t like Ripple could do much worse to her.


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