Chapter 1 Page 4

You want me to kiss you down there?” Eaglette indicated Ripple’s slim hairless sex.

Yes mortal, even if the thought is too disgusting to bear.”

It’s hardly a disgusting thought,” mused Eaglette, bending down to offer her lips to Ripple’s tender slit.

Really? You don’t find me strange and ugly?”

Anything else the mystical girl was about to say was lost in a series of moans and sighs. Eaglette parted her labia, revealing a vibrant green pussy. Though she had many lovers in the past, she had never seen a pussy so perfect and delicate. It was just the right shape and size, warm to the touch, and slick with obvious anticipation.

Gently she laid a kiss on the parted lips, lingering on the tiny sensitive bud just above the sensuous slit. Ripple twined her fingers around the hair close to Eaglette’s scalp. When her lips touched the creature’s clit, she gasped and dug her fingers in hard. A moan escaped the hunter, breathing hot breath on Ripple’s sex, brushing it and burning it with an intensity that neither one could have expected.

Eaglette pulled back to look at the creature tenderly, sizing her up with eyes full of desire. Ripple, showing sudden signs of embarrassment, turned her head, refusing to look the huntress full in the face. That suited Eaglette just fine. It gave her a chance to let her eyes rove up Ripple’s slim flat belly. She imagined caressing those pert tiny breasts, licking over every inch of olive deliciousness. Her traitorous thoughts conjured images of nipping gently at Ripple’s slender neck, inching up the tempting curve, and nibbling on her round earlobe.

She would steal a true kiss from those full luscious lips, but she wouldn’t stop there, oh no. The list of things she would love to do to Ripple was growing. She kept her fantasies to herself, however. The last thing she wanted to do was show her any disrespect. That could end things quite badly. Then no one would get away satisfied.

Ripple took a deep breath and regained some of her composure. The hard lines were back in her expression, and her heart-shaped face shone with determination. “Fine, human.” I accept your payment.”

Ripple even attempted a look of disdain that ran so contrary to her previous expression that Eaglette almost burst out laughing for the second time. She stopped herself, though it was a test of will to do so. Something told her, despite the cute exterior, real power lurked beneath Ripple’s green skin. There was magic in this place, and at least some of it was emanating from the diminutive guardian. It wouldn’t do to piss her off.

Besides, Eaglette was finding herself gravitating toward Ripple. She found the odd little creature enticing and alluring in ways that she had never quite experienced with anyone else. She wouldn’t have called it love, she wasn’t even sure she believed in things like that. Besides, they had only just met. Even so, her body strummed when she looked at Ripple, and she found herself entertaining thoughts of spending long lazy days and cool nights on the pebbled beach curled up naked next to the little green monster.


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