Chapter 1 Page 5

So we’re even then?” asked Eaglette. She let the true disappointment in that statement stay buried beneath her static tone.

Hardly.” Said Ripple and her eyes shone with renewed mirth. “After you drank from my lake, you bathed in it. That was a very rude thing to do without permission. I require payment for that as well.”

Alright, what do I owe you for that?” Eaglette was starting to like this game. If she wasn’t careful, she could find herself becoming really attached to this place and the guardian who lived here.

I saw how much pleasure my water gave you,” suddenly the shyness was back in Ripple’s voice. She even blushed when she was talking about watching Eaglette while she bathed.

I enjoyed watching the water caress your naked skin.” The Guardian continued. “It has been a long time since anyone has come to visit me, and I miss… things.” The blushing increased with a furious frenzy. Her face turned several shades darker green. The blush traveled down, engulfing her plump breasts and curvy hips. It didn’t stop until it had covered Ripple from her cute face to her round little toes, which were currently digging nervous trenches into the pebbled beach.

I’m not sure I understand,” Eaglette goaded. Actually, she understood perfectly, but watching the gorgeous creature squirm at her own request was turning her on beyond belief. There was aching between her legs, flaring out from her center and covering her body in tiny tender goosebumps.

How could someone so obviously powerful lose her nerve when it came to Eaglette. She was a nobody, just a poacher, making her way scraping off the land. For a creature so cute, so intimidatingly lovely to get choked up because of her. It plucked at her heartstrings. She knew, at that moment, that she wanted nothing more than to please Ripple, the guardian of the lake.

Ripple plowed on, desperate to get all the words out before she lost her nerve completely. “Nobody has touched me in a very long time. I want you to bring me pleasure as the water brought you pleasure. I want you to touch me.”

The request was so simple and sweet, it almost brought Eaglette to tears. To live so long in an abandoned place without even the simple healing kindness of another soul’s touch. “Of course I can touch you,” she blurted out.

Ripple looked up, her eyes meeting Eaglette’s. They questioned, suspicion clouding their beauty. It was like she was waiting for the crying and the begging to start like she couldn’t believe Eaglette would agree so readily. The hunter’s heart caught in her throat, choking her with its insistent thudding there.

Something told Eaglette they could debate the attraction she felt up and down until she turned blue in the face. That wasn’t going to convince Ripple of how she felt. It was apparent that the strange woman had spent far too much time alone, and as a result, her self esteem had ended up somewhere in the bottom of the lake she cared for.


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