Chapter 1 Page 6

Eaglette reached forward, her every intention to follow the impulses welling up inside her trembling body. She wanted to touch Ripple all right. She wanted to run her hands up and down her spine. She wanted to cup her round ass, then reach around and do the same to those pert perfect sized breasts on her chest. She wanted to twine her fingers through the guardian’s oddly green hair, to stroke it, and see if it felt soft as thistledown, or course like new spring hay.

She didn’t care which, she just wanted to touch, to tempt, and to tease with every ounce of her body. Eaglette wanted to lift those tender spirits right up to the sky, to make Ripple feel so wanted and desired that she would never question it again should she live for thousands of more years. What she did, smiling so sweetly her eyes crinkled was reach in with a shaking hand, and cup Ripple at the back of her neck where her spine met her hairline.

Ripple started, a squeaking protest shooting from her lips, but Eaglette ignored the sharp indignant look on the guardian’s face. She dipped her head low, tilting it to the side to bring her face closer to the shorter woman. Then she quelled all additional protests with a fiery kiss.

The effect was like dumping ice cubes on a blaze. Their lips practically sizzled, where they touched blossoming into rapturous steam. Ripple, hesitant at first, soon matched the intensity of Eaglette’s passion with a hungry passion of her own. Once let loose, she devoured Eaglette’s lips like a starving beggar suddenly presented a feast for queens.

Eaglette whimpered, darting her tongue between those luscious lips. Ripple tasted sweet like ripe peaches. As she delved those depths, the scent of the creature enveloped her, honeysuckle and apricots. It was an intoxicating combination. Her thoughts clouded, her mind growing light and muddled. She wanted more, she wanted to dive into those lips and never come up for breath. She devoured them, but she knew, deep in her soul that she could never get enough of those delicate decedent pouty lips.

.Ripple was matching Eaglette’s enthusiasm, making desperate mewling noises. Though she could have stayed there, in that embrace forever, Eaglette, reluctantly untangled herself from the cup she was imbibing. If those lips were addictive, how much more habit-forming was the rest of this gorgeous woman. She wanted to find out, wanted to lose herself in pure desire. To do that, she had to move her affections from Ripple’s intoxicating lips to other parts of her equally mind-numbing anatomy.

No!” Ripple struggled, fighting to keep the connection, pulling Eaglette’s lips back against her own.

This elicited a deep chuckle from Eaglette. “Don’t you want me to touch the rest of you?” She murmured into Ripple’s plying mouth.

Yes, but this feels good. I am not done yet, and I don’t want you to stop. Kiss me again human, I demand it.”

My name is Eaglette,” she scolded lightly, but she gave in to Ripple’s petulant demands, and dove into a second passionate kiss. The two of them wrapped around each other, legs and arms entwining in their embrace. Together, they sank to the soft pebbles on the shores of the lake. Finally, Ripple let Eaglette go, but watched her intensely, almost sternly.


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