Chapter 1 Page 7

Now that she was spread on the ground, Eaglette couldn’t hold back her desire to explore Ripple’s soft green skin. She removed the vines that hid the creature’s body from her, tossing them aside. She touched Ripple’s shoulder with her index finger, tracing spirals all up and down her arm. Ripple watched the patters, her head cocked to the side, a look of deep fascination falling over her.

Next, Eaglette traced her finger up and under the cleft of Ripple’s chin. Then she swept it down her neck, making a little circle at the base. Eaglette leaned in closely, planting a kiss on the guardian’s collar bone. The poacher’s wandering hand opened, laying her palm against soft skin. Smoothly, she cupped Ripple’s breast, lifting the orb, feeling the weight of it pressing against her tingling fingers.

Eagette brushed against the guardian’s dark nipple with her thumb. This caused Ripple to breathe in sharply. Eaglette liked that reaction and responded by placing the nub between her forefinger and thumb, then rolling it gently back and forth. Her actions generated such a profound series of helpless whimpers, that she did it again, only harder. If the tiny green woman hadn’t been laying on the ground, she would no doubt have collapsed at Eaglette’s feet. This brought a pixie smile to Eaglette’s face that was both smug and scheming.

She leaned in close, darting her tongue in and out rapidly. With each dart, she licked the nipple she held between her fingers. Ripple’s whimpers became full-blown moans. That was all the encouragement Eaglette needed. She popped the whole juicy morsel into her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue. She suckled lavishly, enjoying the taste of the olive nub. When she introduced her teeth to the mixture with a set of sharp nips, Ripple writhed in her arms like an eel.

The freehand that Eaglette was currently using to grope at Ripple’s ample bottom, made a beeline for the crease between Ripple’s legs. She was helpless, consumed with sensational tactile stimulation. After having gone so long without another person’s touch, Eaglette was sure she was driving the strange creature insane with stimulation. She loved the way Ripple squirmed under her, pinned under the weight of the hunter’s body. She held the creature tightly, preventing any escape.

With a wicked giggle, Eaglette slipped her probing fingers between Ripple’s bare legs. There she found the tiny mound of Ripple’s clit. She massaged it, gently at first. The more she stroked the sensitive place, the more Ripple’s moans turned into cries of utter pleasure. She stroked harder, and Ripple tightened in her grasp. The tiny green woman jolted as the waves of a powerful orgasm rocked through her. Ripple dug her nails into Eaglette’s powerful upper arms, but the huntress wouldn’t let go. She stroked faster, watching with a hungry expression as her torture brought Ripple past the edge, over and over again.

Eaglette’s fingers sought out the deeper reaches of Ripple’s pussy. She wanted to feel the pulse of those magnificent contractions. She probed deeper, and the tight muscles of Ripple’s sex grabbed at her exploring digits. Her companion pulsed around her, pushing at her fingers. She stroked inside that juicy pussy, fucking her hard with her fingers and making Ripple scream in agony and ecstasy.


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