Chapter 1 Page 8

Mercy, please,” Ripple whimpered, but Eaglette showed her none. She delved in deeper, rhythmically pinching her nipple with every stroke. It was more than Ripple could take, her body shuddered as a grand climax consumed her, leaving her wheezing and breathless.

Ripple was crying, wet tears staining her walnut skin. She clung to Eaglette as if her life depended on it, struggling to take every shuddering breath. Only then did Eaglette concede, and remove her fingers from the guardian’s dripping cunt. Only then did she release her from sexual torture.

Once her rapturous torment had ended, Ripple produced a burst of energy, pealing away from Eaglette over the smooth stones, and diving headlong into the crystal water. She disappeared below the water’s smooth surface, causing barely a hint of her namesake.

For several agonizing moments, Eaglette was afraid she had done something terribly wrong, and the little green monster was gone forever. She sat on the shore, naked and feeling slightly abandoned. That feeling, in and of itself, caught her off guard. Why should she care if the bossy little princess had a tantrum and left? She should just grab her meager belongings and leave while she had the chance. She should go before this whole crazy experience turned her into a permanent resident of this hidden lake.

Eaglette didn’t move, she should have used that moment to escape, but she didn’t. She sat on the shoreline, watched the subtle movements on the surface of the lake, and waited.

Finally, long after any average person would have perished from holding their breath, the top of Ripple’s head emerged. She looked like a moss-covered stone, and her eyes were barely above the waterline. Her hair splayed around her like kelp drifting in the mild current. Despite the fact that her nose and mouth were still completely below the surface, she didn’t seem to be having any breathing difficulties.

Eaglette’s heart skipped like a stone over the water right at the guardian of the lake.

Ripple regarded the huntress for several minutes. With the majority of her face obscured, it was impossible to tell what the creature was thinking, but Eaglette could imagine. The guardian’s slim eyebrows were furrowed, and she never moved her gaze from Eaglette.

Eaglette relaxed her posture, leaning back on her elbows. Normally she didn’t break eye contact first, as with most creatures it was a sign of weakness, but she wanted to appear less threatening. She wanted to put Ripple at ease, so she would come back onto the shore and share her body again. Eaglette waited with practiced patience of a hunter, and eventually, slowly, Ripple emerged.

When the guardian stepped out onto the shore, it took the hunter’s breath away. Ripple was now completely naked, her green skin sparkling with a collection of water droplets strung like diamonds across her bare skin. She rose from the water, her diminutive size no longer making her seem childish. She had a fully formed and gorgeous body that made Eaglette’s mouth water, and her belly tighten. Her fingers ached to stroke those luscious breasts, and she could practically taste each drop of water she wanted to lick off the guardian.


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