Chapter 1 Page 9

No doubt about it, Eaglette was smitten. She was caught in a net of lust and desire. There was no going back. Like a prey animal, drawn into a trap, she was headed for total destruction and loving every minute of the journey.

As Ripple emerged from the sparkling water, dazzling evening light flashed off the waves beneath her. Eaglette noticed an object clutched in her hand. It was cylindrical, long, and oddly colored, like a smoothed purple shell. The strange object was bulbous at either end, and it looked phallic, no doubt about it.

What have you got there?” The hunter peeked curiously down at the object.

It’s a magical device that enhances sexual experience,” Ripple explained. “It is lovely when used by one person, but much more effective when used by two or even more.” Ripple looked down sadly. “I have only had myself to use it on for a very long time. Now that you’re here, I can make it part of your payment.”

Wait a second,” broke in Eaglette. “I thought we were even. Didn’t I just give you unimaginable pleasure?”

You did,” Ripple answered, a tiny waiver of hesitancy in her voice. “That was a good sound payment for bathing in my lake, but there were the fish.”

Ah, I see,” said Eaglette, realization dawning on her. “The three fish that I ate.”

Yes,” conceded the guardian. “Those fish were going to be my dinner, so that is going to require the most payment of all.”

Eaglette felt a little tremble of anticipation travel up her spine, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake.

Ripple didn’t move, but the lake behind her began to roll and boil. It seethed like there was something below the surface trying to get out. For the first time, Eaglette felt a tinge of worry. Something was wrong, something she hadn’t really anticipated. This was power, pure and simple. This power was uncontrollable and immense. This power was turned against her.

Vines rose up from the water, thick and wet. She was beginning to get a sense of the ability in the minuscule guardian, and it frightened her a little. Her pulse sped up, and her breath shuddered. Her mind was fighting the images presented before her. This couldn’t possibly be the same shy little green princess she had just fooled around with. This creature was terrifying and mercurial.

She should definitely run, and she should do it now.

She stood, tottering a little, then she darted for the tree line. The pebbles on the beach had gone from pleasantly textured to hazardous slippery terrain. Eaglette was a pretty good runner. She had spent a lot of time in the deep forest, and she was fit and slim.


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