Chapter 2 Page 14

“If I don’t have a master, they are going to put me away. I’m going to go crazy. That’s what happens when someone like me loses their master. They go crazy. I won’t be me anymore, and I’ll do horrible things because there won’t be anyone left to stop me.” Ophelia was blubbering, and her words didn’t make much sense. Behind her deep fear was the shadow, which Ellie now believed was the creature living inside the plump cute little thing. It seemed strange to Ellie, but the shadow echoed the fear and confusion that Ophelia openly felt.

Ellie turned on the bedside lamp, looking over the distraught girl nestled in her lap. She caressed Ophelia’s hair where the green stood out against the blond. It was draped, unhindered over her neck and shoulders, hiding her face from Ellie.

With tender fingers, Ellie pulled back Ophelia’s bangs, revealing the girl’s tear-streaked face. She looked up at Ellie with open adoration, and it melted Ellie’s heart. Impulsively she leaned down and kissed Ophelia on her temple. The girl stopped crying.

Her lips were two luscious arches set against soft satin skin. They drew Ellie closer, like two rose-colored magnets, sending waves of desire coursing through her. The heat was building up between the two women, a soft glowing heat that kindled a deep desire inside of both of them.

“Master,” Ophelia said the word tenderly.

“Let me see if I understand this. If I’m your master, then nothing will happen to you, is that right?” Ellie mused thoughtfully, distracting herself from naughty thoughts about Ophelia’s lips.

“Yes, if you are my master, then you could keep the monster inside of me from going out of control.”

“She doesn’t seem so bad. A little crude, but she was fighting those evil monsters, and she saved my life.”

“We are the same,” Ophelia corrected gently. “The monster inside of me is not a separate person. When I become a monster, I believe all the same things I do when I am human. I just react to them differently. My emotions are raw and untamed, but they are still my emotions.”

“You saved my life then, and you tried to save that man. It wasn’t your fault he wasn’t listening.” Ellie paused for a moment. “I don’t even know what his name is. He was blocking my abilities, so I don’t know anything about him.”

“His name was Martin, but I wasn’t allowed to call him that.” Ophelia burst into fresh tears and buried her head against Ellie’s chest.

The sight of Ophelia looking so helpless was almost too much for Ellie to bear. She curled around the weeping girl protectively. She twined her fingers through Ophelia’s hair, trying to relieve some of the tension she felt pouring off the girl. Her tender ministrations seemed to be working. Before long Ophelia quieted and her tears ceased.

Ellie leaned down to kiss Ophelia once more. She intended for her lips to land on Ophelia’s cheek, but as she drew close Ophelia turned and met Ellie’s lips with her own. A fire started in Ellie’s belly, spreading through her, leaving her hot and flushed. An inappropriate moistness was seeping between her legs.

She lost herself in that kiss, pulling Ophelia close in a smothering embrace. The girl’s lips brushed like silk against hers sending waves of desire all the way down to her toes. Ophelia’s lips parted, revealing a playful tongue. It darted in and out between Ellie’s lips, teasing and taunting.


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