Chapter 2 Page 16

Ellie reached up to touch Ophelia’s rosy skin. She trailed her finger down the length of Ophelia’s spine. Pleasantly, she noticed the shivers she was sending up her companion’s body. Ophelia was right, she could sense the dark spirit inside the girl, and forcing that monstrous side of Ophelia to act against her will would be a struggle at the very least. She didn’t think it was possible to subvert that force in a direction it didn’t want to go.

With a deep sigh, Ellie leaned over, kissing Ophelia in the small of her back. She spread her hands over Ophelia’s ass, rubbing her companion’s pink skin. Waves of joy and pleasure spread over the girl, happy to please and be pleased by her master.

Ophelia leaned forward, completely exposing her pussy, which was already dripping with moisture. There could be no doubt left in Ellie’s mind that Ophelia was just as caught up in their mutual lust as she was. There was no reason to resist any longer, and she gave herself over to the pure ecstasy of enjoyment.

Ophelia dipped her body low, her legs spreading wide as her knees slid against the soft sheets. Ellie shimmied down under her, positioning herself below that tantalizing pussy. This caused her nightgown to ride upon her, and she struggled briefly to remove the clothing so there would be nothing between her skin, and Ophelia’s.

Red juicy labia hung over Ellie’s head, and she prodded them with exploring fingers. A sharp gasp sprung from Ophelia, and suddenly Ellie was bombarded by an echoing sensation of pleasure. She pushed her fingers in deeper, swirling them around inside of Ophelia. The girl nearly crumbled on top of her from sheer ecstasy.

Ellie didn’t waste any more time. She plunged her face deep into Ophelia’s open pussy. Lapping hungrily, she swiveled her tongue from side to side. Ophelia tasted wonderful, salty and succulent. Her tiny clit was already growing swollen with her pleasure. Ellie didn’t stop there, but continued nipping and licking at Ophelia’s engorged pussy.

Ophelia didn’t fight the rising tide of her own lust. She spread Ellie’s knees apart, and kissed her way up her lover’s thigh, pressing her tender lips deeply into the muscles there. When she reached Ellie’s pussy, she licked and sucked with wild abandon, lapping up Ellie’s juices. She was hungry for love, and sex, and she dove into her desire like a decadent dessert.

Ellie teased and nibbled the tender rosy flesh of Ophelia’s pussy. She dug her fingers deeper into Ophelia’s swollen pussy. It didn’t take long until the girl was screaming in a powerful orgasm.

While they writhed in ecstasy, something happened that shot Ellie to heights she never believed she could reach. It was like a floodgate opened between her and Ophelia. For an instant, there were no boundaries between them. They merged, their minds intertwining as thickly as their bodies. Wave after wave of Ophelia’s thoughts and emotions embraced her and overpowered her. After a mere moment, that seemed to last an eternity, they were released from the thralls of their merging. It left them both panting and breathless.

Ellie was having a hard time remembering any details from the avalanche of Ophelia that had washed over her. “What was that,” she asked, still toying with Ophelia’s sensitive sex.

“I don’t know,” Ophelia answered honestly. “That has never happened to me before.”

Ellie sensed the girl was keeping something from her, something that embarrassed her, perhaps. Possibly it was something which frightened her. Ellie couldn’t tell, so she wrapped her arms around her lover, and sent her comforting thoughts.


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