Chapter 2 Page 17

Through the course of their lovemaking, Ellie experienced more orgasms than she’d ever had in a single night. She was sure she had given Ophelia a lion’s share of climaxing as well. As the sun peaked through the tattered blinds on the window, the two of them lay in an exhausted heap. Covers were strewn all over the floor, and the sheets were slick with perspiration and pussy juice.

Ellie drifted into a fitful slumber which was only calmed by holding tight to the softly snoring Ophelia. She snuggled close, burying her face in the girl’s tangled hair. She tried desperately to shove the doubts and fears from her mind, but they insisted on intruding in her peace. She was the one who was afraid. After what they had shared, the very thought of losing Ophelia sent tremors of fear through her.

She knew it was possible. In the brief moment when there was nothing between them, when they had shared one mind, she had felt the very real threats to Ophelia. The details of these threats were not clear. Their minds had merged, but it was not clear thoughts she had received, but the essence of her being. The thoughts were there, but they were like the broken pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces did not fit together, and they faded with the tremors of her lust. She vowed, then and there, that no matter what happened she was never letting Ophelia go.


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