Chapter 2 Page 3

“Sometimes you have to look at things from a different angle in order to fully understand them,” Ellie covered badly. A slight flush of embarrassment crept into her cheeks.

The girl, however, seemed to accept her explanation without question. She was dressed like a teenager, but there was no way this girl was anything less than a full-grown woman. She was curvy and just a bit on the plump side, and she oozed sensuality. Ellie found herself staring overly long at her sensuous curves.

Long blond hair was tied up in pigtails which bobbed on the top of her head when she moved. A green streak snaked through one of the tails. Each one had a huge purple ribbon tied in a bow at the base. There were bracers on her arms, metal with intricate runic designs. She wore a ratty t-shirt which had been attacked by a very dull pair of scissors. It was cut to show more cleavage than a decent t-shirt should, and Ellie caught a glimpse of a purple bra peeking out from underneath. It matched the ribbons.

The lower half of her outfit wasn’t much better. Her skirt was hiked high, showing an obscene amount of thigh. The leggings she wore underneath were full of holes, and the boots she wore probably came from an army surplus store.

“I like you. You’re pretty.” The girl interrupted Ellie’s rambling thoughts.

Ellie smiled but disregarded the compliment. It would flatter her to no end to know that this beautiful young woman was attracted to her, but she didn’t believe it. She didn’t have to read anyone’s mind to know that. How anyone could find her attractive was beyond her. She wasn’t exactly a looker with short mousy hair. She tended to dress down to blend in with her surroundings. Ellie was thin, but that left her lacking in the bust and hips department.

“You’re a little young for me,” Ellie snarked.

“I’m old enough, I’m nineteen.” The girl sounded wounded, but she recovered quickly. She leaned over to examine the magazine in Ellie’s lap.

Ellie blushed, as the view down the girl’s shirt became completely unimpeded. She found herself staring down at a perfect round breast. The girl’s nipple peaked over her lacy bra like it was playing peek-a-boo. As a distraction from staring into the young woman’s cleavage, Ellie brushed her mind.

She found the girl strangely hard to read. There was a shadow below the surface, which echoed her, moving in every way she did. Still, it seemed separate, as if there were a mirror image tied deeply into the girl’s subconscious. Single words were all she could glean from the youth, and right now the predominant word was “Interesting.”

The door opened, and the dark stranger strode out of the chief’s office.

“I’m Ophelia,” the girl righted herself and offered her hand to Ellie.

“I’m Ellie, it was nice meeting you.” She took Ophelia’s hand and shook it gently.

“It was nice meeting you too,” Ophelia responded. Ellie couldn’t help but smile at the precocious youth.

The priest watched Ellie, with a brooding frown on his face. “It’s time to go, Ophelia.” He didn’t look pleased, and his accusing stare never left Ellie. Was it possible that he knew she had been trying to eavesdrop on his conversation with the Chief?

Ophelia bounced out of the seat and followed the man as he turned on his heels and left the department. The word in her mind when she saw him was “Master.”


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