Chapter 2 Page 5

Ophelia stood, scuffing her bare feet carelessly on the broken concrete. Ellie stifled a groan at the girl’s behavior. There could be any number of hazards littering the ground, metal caps, and broken bottles. Ophelia was treading around as if she were walking on a carpet. Ellie cringed with every step.

What followed made Ellie’s mouth drop and her heart race. Ophelia lifted the tattered shirt above her head, tossing it into the back of the van. Her skirt followed, along with her underwear. The only thing left were the bracers on her arms.

Ophelia stood, naked in the rising moonlight, her eyes gleaming like tiny jewels. Ellie stared at the curve of Ophelia’s breast, mentally caressing the line that wound down past her hips to slope past her sensuous thighs. Ellie could spend the rest of her life tracing that curve with her finger, or her tongue.

She shook her head, trying to rid her muddled mind of the thoughts that were circling. Her heart was beating fast, and her breath grew heavy.

What was she thinking? She had seen plenty of naked bodies in her time. She was used to catching people in the act of cheating, and that usually meant catching them in very compromising positions. Never had she come across a naked woman who made her head spin and her senses blur. Never, that is, until she looked at Ophelia naked in an abandoned parking lot in the middle of the night.

“Great,” she thought to herself. “They’ve come out here to perform depraved acts on each other, and I get to sit here and watch.” Strangely, she felt a tinge of jealousy at the idea. What were these feelings she was battling with? It wasn’t like she had any claim on Ophelia, no matter what her beating heart was insisting.

Ophelia slipped across the lot, her bouncing rump bobbing like a lure. She offered up her arms to the priest, displaying the bracers. He removed each one, holding them reverently, before stepping back a few paces.

Ellie was getting ready to leave, not sure if she could stand the torture of staying. Suddenly the air around Ophelia shimmered like the heat from a dying ember. The girl was changing, shifting, her body morphing and slipping into some other shape. The world rippled to compensate for the displacement.

The ripple spread in all directions around Ophelia, passing in waves until it moved like the surf past Ellie’s hiding place. The shock of the strange sensation gave the investigator an otherworldly sense of vertigo. Even so, she couldn’t take her eyes off the impossibilities occurring in front of her.

Ophelia’s body grew, twisting shape and color. The cream in her skin slipped away, replaced by a turquoise discoloration, and her arms elongated until they reached the pavement. The green streak in her hair spread until she sported a luminescent green quaff, and her ribbons burst unbound by the force of the transformation.

The creature grew taller, shooting past the priest, who was easily six feet tall. She towered at least two feet over him. By Ellie’s calculations, that made the Ophelia monster at least eight feet tall. She was huge, but no less beautiful, with her breasts bare and bouncing in the moonlight. Pert, that’s what they called breasts like that, Pert.

Those fascinating glowing eyes were turned Ellie’s way again. Now the luminous orbs were set into the face of a creature who only loosely resembled the girl she was seconds ago. Ellie caught her breath, her heart speeding at a riotous cadence. She wasn’t sure if it was terror she was feeling, or sheer exhilaration to be watching a creature so sleek and alien.


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