Chapter 2 Page 9

“Why do you all want to eat me?” Ellie questioned.

“Master, don’t leave me.” Waves of fear were washing over Ellie, reaching her from the terrified Ophelia. “There’s no one to control me. Please, I don’t want to be alone.”

The fear Ellie sensed from the girl was changing. It was like Ophelia’s mind was unhinging, whirling out of control. She screamed in agony, dropping the lifeless body of the priest. Her breath became ragged gasps, and she dug her hands right into the burning debris.

A large ice chest sailed past Ellie, hitting the dragon full in the face. It shook a scaly head, stunned for a brief moment. Ophelia wasn’t intentionally aiming at the dragon, but in her panic, she was becoming her own brand of destruction. Ellie had to think fast if she was going to escape this mess.

The wailing and keening coming from the smoldering ruins of the bar were getting louder, both verbally and mentally. A wall of sadness and fear surrounded Ellie, making it hard to think, but she had to think or she was a goner.

“Alone, so alone,” wailed the demon.

“Would you please be quiet? I am trying to think.” Ellie didn’t mean to be terse, but the dragon, having recovered from the ice chest, was rearing back an ugly head and getting ready to engulf Ellie in a fiery blast. Ophelia was in her head, and it wasn’t helping.

“No, why should I?” Ophelia was being impudent, but as soon as she focused on Ellie, it was like a calm settled over her mind.

“I’m trying to save us. I can’t do that if I can’t think.” Ellie answered honestly.

“Oh, ok. Can I help?” There was such sudden sincerity in her thoughts that Ellie couldn’t help smiling, despite her impending doom.

“Yes, you can help.” Ellie’s words brought a flood of positive emotions through her.

“I’m helping! I have a purpose,” Ophelia shouted happily. “You can’t have her, ugly dragon. She’s mine.”

Ellie scrambled out of the way, as the demon dashed between her and the dragon, throwing the shield up to protect them both. The flames whipped harmlessly around them, though it was hot enough even behind the shield to singe Ellie’s hair.

When the dragon’s fiery breath ran out, Ophelia charged, tearing at the creature’s leathery wings with her own savage claws. She grappled, wrestling the dragon to the ground. In the meantime, Ellie was getting more than an eyeful of Ophelia’s perfectly round ass.

Ophelia planted her bare feet firmly and lifted the dragon above her head. For a moment, in the moonlight, Ophelia’s fully naked body was visible. Ellie caught her breath, unable to stop herself from admiring the sleek muscles rippling from Ophelia’s exertion. To make matters worse, Ophelia was aware of her admiration, and she seemed very pleased about it.

With a mighty heave, Ophelia tossed the dragon hard on the ground. It landed with a belly flop that knocked the wind out of it. Without giving the dragon time to recover, Ophelia grabbed the scaled tail that was twitching. She swung the dragon around her head and then slammed it against the pavement. There was a bone-crunching crack, and the dragon erupted into purple flame. Ophelia tossed the flaming corpse of the dragon aside and headed back into the burning rubble of the bar.


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