Chapter 3 Page 10

Riggit smiled bashfully. “I understand if you change your mind.”

Cassandra wiggled onto all fours, pointing her ass towards Riggit. His purr deepened, and he watched her get situated. With a gleam in her eye, she said, “Well, what are you waiting for? Put it in me.”

Riggit hopped off the couch, nearly falling on his face while trying to get his pants all the way off. He returned to his position on the couch, kissing and licking Cassandra’s round bottom. Cassandra squirmed, in his grasp, but he just held on tighter, dragging his sharp-clawed nails over her rump. He licked his way to her slit, which was already juicy from the thought of his unusual member penetrating her.

She squealed, wiggling her bottom furiously. It was so hard to stay still while his tongue lapped away insider her. It was rough like you would expect a cat’s tongue to be. “You are an eager boy,” she gasped.

Riggit rose and pressed the tapered tip of his member against her pussy, nudging open her tender swollen lips. “Unless I’m mistaken, I am not the only one.”

Cassandra laughed and pushed back against him. His cock pushed her open, sending jolts of delicious pleasure surging through her. It was a tight fit, even from this direction, and it was spreading her wide.

“Slowly,” panted Riggit. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’m not made of glass.” Cassandra rocked back hard against Riggit. That final push shoved him all the way up inside of her. Her rump touched his furry belly and she whimpered. His balls bounced lightly against the swell of her mound. Inside her his cock head flared, pressing against the inner wall of her vagina.

Riggit rocked extremely slowly, moving their hips together in a swaying motion. It was a little scary knowing that they were stuck fast in that position until Riggit finished off inside of her. He was so gentle. His hands were soft when they squeezed her rump and then moved across her belly and her sensitive breasts. His chest was warm against her back, and his heavy breath hot against the back of her neck.

Experimentally she tried pulling forward away from him. The ridges held fast. They tugged at the lining of her pussy, but they only hurt a little.

“It feels so good when you do that,” moaned Riggit, pushing his pelvis against her rump, causing pressure, then release in small powerful increments. Every time he pulled back he stretched her insides in a way that nearly pushed her over the edge. The ridges hit her right in the spots that were the most sensitive. Riggit was getting less and less gentle, tugging away from her and then pushing back in.

Cassandra’s whole body bounced rhythmically. Through pleasure hazy eyes, she saw Schvark watching them both. His long fingers fisted around his own erection, pumping it in time with their undulations. Cassandra beckoned to the goblin. He approached her cautiously, touching her hair and face lovingly. She was having none of that. She grabbed him by the balls, stuffing his cock into her mouth.


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