Chapter 3 Page 11

Cassandra was in heaven. One handsome otherworldly man was corked deep inside her pussy. Another alien stud was shoving his cock as far down her throat as it would go. Sandwiched in between, the only movement available to her was to rock in time to their motions.

Riggit kneaded her breasts, tugging hard enough on the nipples to bruise. His earlier attempts at treating her gently, all but forgotten, thank goodness. Schvark rooted his fingers through her hair, pushing her head against his pelvis, and shoving his cock all the way to the back of her throat. She had to gasp for air every time he pulled out and slammed back into her mouth.

When her pussy started to flutter around Riggit’s cock, he dug his claws into her hips. The yowl that burst from Riggit was filled with exquisite pleasure. His tone grew in response to her nearing orgasm. Suddenly his cries stopped, and he grunted, going limp over Cassandra’s back. She felt a rush of hot wet gushing inside of her.

That pushed her over the edge, and she contracted hard around Riggit. She would have screamed, but there was a second cock rammed firmly down her throat. Schvark still had his hands in her hair, preventing her from pulling away from him.

Watching his lover coming must have sent him into a spiral as well. His cock pulsed, and then shot a load down her throat. She swallowed every bit, she had no choice.

Schvark pulled himself out of her mouth. A thin trickle of cum mixed with saliva dribbled down her chin. Cassandra coughed and gasped deeply, happy to be able to breathe again. She shifted, rolling onto her side between the two men. Schvark laid her head in his lap and absently stroked her hair.

Inside her pussy, Riggit was still squirting. He was pumping so much into her that it was spraying down her leg. Riggit was purring deeply, and cuddling against her newly exposed belly.

“How much do you have in you, Big Boy?”

Schvark laughed at her, and Riggit tugged experimentally to see if they could part. They were still firmly locked together. He smiled apologetically. “Sorry, it takes a while for the swelling to go down.”

“How inconvenient,” chuckled Cassandra. She stretched out flat, rolling onto her belly. She brought her trapped lover with her. Riggit, still stuck in her pussy reclined across her back. His chest rumbled deeply, sending warm vibrations through her whole body.

“It does mean lots of after sex cuddling,” he purred.

It was nice, actually. It felt like she was lying under a big fur blanket. A blanket that just happened to have a large ejaculating cock shoved up inside of her.

Cassandra snuggled against Schvark’s thigh. In front of her, his cock was slowly relaxing. She used her finger to collect some of the cum she had missed earlier and lapped at her sticky fingers lazily. She was so comfortable, she dozed between her new lovers.

Finally, after a while, she felt Riggit’s cock retracting. He hadn’t pulled out yet, but he wasn’t lodged in quite so tightly. Cassandra squirmed, trying to work her way out from under him. He wasn’t helping. Instead, he snuggled her closely and purred even louder.


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