Chapter 3 Page 12

Schvark leaned over Cassandra. He touched Riggit gently on his cheek. “That was hot,” the green-skinned man smiled. Inside her pussy, the deflating cock made a short pulse.

“Don’t you dare,” Cassandra growled playfully, shoving the two apart. “I’m not going to spend all night getting humped. I was promised dinner. I skipped my last meal because I was too busy making discoveries.”

Schvark laughed. “We did offer dinner.”

Riggit pulled out of Cassandra, tenderly licking her ear. “That was wonderful. You were wonderful. Our litter will be strong and beautiful like their mother.”

“Oh, no they won’t,” Cassandra snorted. “I take pills for that, and I am up to date.”

Riggit looked Crestfallen, but Schvark guffawed. “Did you think women from the calm wouldn’t have birth control? That’s just daft.”

Cassandra nodded her agreement and stood. A sloppy mess trickled down her leg when she did. She frowned at the puddle she was making. “I should probably get cleaned up again.”

Schvark chuckled, “You’re just looking for a chance to use my magnificent shower again.”

“You bet,” Cassandra grinned and stretched. Both men stared appreciatively at her naked form.

Suddenly a clanging echoed through the house. “What in the seven hells was that?”

“That was the doorbell,” said Riggit.

Schvark scurried to a contraption set into the wall beside the door. It was made of copper tubing and set with several lenses of varying sizes. He peaked through, and his ears twitched rapidly.

“Oh, fuck!” Schvark exclaimed.

“Who is it?” Riggit was looking curious, but unconcerned.

Schvark turned back to the two of them. Worry was etched across his face.“Ummm… this isn’t good. It’s the Commander.”

“The Commander?” The puzzled look on Riggit’s face was almost comical.

“Commander Shadow, you daft bastard.”

Riggit’s fur bristled. “Oh, fuck! We have to get your pretty little ass out of here.”

Cassandra ducked around Schvark while he and Riggit bantered, for a peak in the copper device. It framed a shapely woman with long dark hair and purple skin the color of plums. She had an imposing frown on her face, and she was dressed in a skin-tight black leather outfit that hugged her curves and proudly displayed both her amethyst cleavage and an impressive row of military medals.

Cassandra gasped. “Scary, but kind of hot.”

A Furry pair of paws gripped her hips and pulled her away from the viewing device. Riggit turned her to face him and handed her a bundle of Schvark’s clothing. He grabbed her hand, and pulled her into the kitchen, snatching up a leather-bound notebook in the process.


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