Chapter 3 Page 13

“What do you think you are doing?” Cassandra protested.

Riggit chuckled, “Unless you want to end up the personal sex slave of a petulant dragon princess, we really need to get you out of here.”

“As appealing as that sounds, I had better not. I like my freedom. Is she an ex?”

“No, more like a current. She gets very jealous of me and other women.”

Cassandra hopped on one leg, struggling to put the trousers that were a size too small over her naked ass. “That’s not very nice. You shouldn’t lie to someone you are in a relationship with.”

Riggit grimaced. “She didn’t really give me a choice, she just sort of claimed me. Unfortunately, she can get away with that because she is a princess.”

“Hurry,” hissed Schvark from the other room. “You know how she is. Much longer and she will probably knock down the door.”

“I know, I know.” Riggit led Cassandra through the kitchen. The table there was set with a variety of bread, cheese, and fruit. Riggit scooped up a handful of the various foods and wrapped them in a cloth napkin. The doorbell rang again, twice in rapid succession. Each time, Riggit jumped as if he had been startled.

He led Cassandra through a small door and into the room at the rear of the house. This room was new to her, and from the dressers and hanging hammock beds, she guessed it was a bedroom. Riggit snagged the knocking staff which he had propped against the inside wall. He opened a window and motioned for Cassandra to proceed him through.

Cassandra squeezed herself into the overly tight shirt and approached their escape route.

Outside the bedroom, the front door opened with a thud. The woman addressed Schvark in a loud grumpy voice.

“Servant, where is your master?”

“How many times must I remind you, Hussy? I am not a servant. We are lovers…L…O…V…E…R…S!”

“Were you not commanded to answer the door wearing no clothing? Even now you do his bidding. Don’t flatter yourself. You are a lowly creature and he amuses himself with you, that is all.” Commander Shadow paused. “Is that another woman I smell?”

“I…what? No, it’s um… a new cheese. And for your information, we were doing what lovers do. That’s why I am naked.”

Cassandra wrinkled her nose at being called new cheese, but the fact that the commander’s senses were sharp enough that she could smell Cassandra caused her to quickly squeeze herself through the window.

“Listen,” Riggit whispered through the window. “I don’t have much time to find you a functioning gate. I’m unfamiliar with the gates in your world, but I know for sure I can’t send you back to the one you came through. The swampuk is probably still there. I may have to send you to an unknown location.”


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