Chapter 3 Page 2

She paused, then added, “I miss her too.”

Cassandra sighed and brought her attention away from sexy romping and back to the present. “This gateway sounds promising. The locals are terrified to go near the lake, citing some murk beast that devours foolish trespassers. Superstitious nonsense, if you ask me. If the legends that people are telling are recent, then maybe there is a Far Shoals gate.”

“Though this is fascinating, I have seen nothing that indicates another world beyond any of the gates I’ve found. It makes me wonder what my employers would do if one of these gates ever did work. Anyway, to be continued. I have a ton of mud to go swimming through.”

Cassandra clicked off the recorder, tossed it on her pack, and opened the hatch on the sea bird. She stooped and slid out onto the pontoon. In her hand was a thick coarse tow rope, the other side attached to a hitch on the front of the plane. The rain came down in fat drops, soaking her quickly. Her underwear became transparent, revealing the slim curve of her breasts, and the patch of curly fur between her thighs. The air was muggy and warm, but the rain was cold, making her pink nipples stand and salute.

Ignoring the tight fabric clinging to her skin, Cassandra slipped into the dark water and began to tread. She felt the tendrils of unseen underwater plants tickling her legs. She pushed the childish fear of submerged monsters grabbing her bare legs and dragging her to her doom.

Soon, the rain was driving against her, coming down in painful sheets, obscuring the vision, even in her good eye. Her toes squished in the mud, and she slipped a few times before finding purchase in the silty shore.

Slowly, she waded out of the mud, dragging the rope behind her. Cassandra tied her sea bird tightly to a tree. An unexpected splash behind her caused her to turn too quickly and stumble, landing face-first in the mud.

“Fuck,” she cursed, chiding herself. “Good job dummy. You’re jumping at shadows, and now your laying tits down in the mud.” She pushed herself up and stood, scooping the dirt out from between her breasts. Her pert tits glistened with slimy sludge.

Cassandra climbed out on to the floating pontoon from the shore. She retrieved her rucksack and the recorder from on top. She looked down at the wet muddy mess she had become, then tossed the rucksack back in the plane with the clothes still inside. Instead, she grabbed a high powered flashlight and slipped her feet into a pair of wading shoes.

She clicked the recorder on. “Lu, you really are missing a show. I know how you like mud wrestling ladies. Well, now I look like one.”

Cassandra hopped back into the mud on the shoreline and scrambled up the rocky embankment. Above her, among the rocky crags, was a cave. She tried to remain calm and held her breath to keep in a happy squeal. She pointed her flashlight into the cave’s entrance and was rewarded when the beam struck the base of a pillar.

The stone pillar was set into the cave wall itself, and it was covered in familiar runes. She followed the pillar upwards with her light. It arched over and met a second pillar. Both pillars were intact, the runes standing out in bold relief. Every rune was entirely visible, protected from ravaging elements inside this cave.


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