Chapter 3 Page 8

“We would have to get passed that swampuk, but I would love to show it to you.”

Schvark led Cassandra down a hall and through a wooden doorway. This door was smaller than the front door, and rectangle. She unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor, then she untied the Schvark’s shirt from around her waist dropping it beside her own discarded clothing.

Cassandra wiggled her tush at Riggit and winked at him seductively. She bent and kissed Schvark on the cheek, and the tinker smiled back at her, holding the door open. She sauntered past the two of them, completely naked, and stepped into the shower. “Thank you both,” she said, before closing the sliding door.

The shower was magnificent and slightly different from the showers she was used to. Some of the nozzles and levers were clearly labeled. There was a “Hot” and “Cold” dial. Other knobs required some experimentation to figure out. Eventually, she was standing in between four jets of pulsing water, all of which were pleasantly hot. It was heavenly, considering she hadn’t had a real shower in days.

Feeling clean and relaxed, she climbed out. She half expected her new friends to be hanging around and watching her shower.

She wouldn’t have minded, they seemed nice. Instead, she found a pile of fluffy towels to dry off with. She cleaned her monocle, placing it back on her face, and wandered out into the house wrapped only in a warm damp towel.

She found her companions in the sitting room, reclined together on a large plush couch. They were embracing and kissing. Cassandra made her way to an adjacent chair.

She knew it was wicked to watch such an intimate moment shared between two people, but she was having a hard time looking away. Both of them were sexy and wrapped around each other like that, the two of them looked really scrumptious. It didn’t help that Cassandra had a thing for cozying up to friends of hers who happened to be in couples. Her best friend Lu and his wife were her favorites.

Riggit was working his furry fingers down into Schvark’s pants. The little green tinker had his eyes closed, and his head rolled back. He was obviously enjoying the attention he was getting from his lover. Riggit glanced up and noticed Cassandra sitting there. He pulled away from his kiss and smiled sheepishly at her. In his arms, Schvark whimpered sensually.

“I am so sorry,” Cassandra apologized. “I had no right to intrude on the two of you. I should leave.” She started to rise from her seat.

Riggit moved to stop her, dislodging Schvark in the process. “Sorry, we just… we should be the ones apologizing to you.” Riggit was stuttering his objection.

Schvark poked Riggit in his exposed belly, then wiggled sideways to get a better look at Cassandra. “What mister smooth talker is trying to say, is that your undeniably sexy rear end got him excited. We didn’t want to bother you, and he was too shy to ask if you were interested in a threesome. I was going to be nice and suck him off, but one thing led to another.”


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