Chapter 3 page 9

Cassandra dropped back down into her chair, letting her eyes rove freely over the two entwined men on the couch. In twisting around Schvark’s pants had fallen down around his hips. It revealed an impressively large hard cock.

“Riggit wasn’t the only one who got excited.” Cassandra blushed at her own comments. She stood, letting her towel drop to the floor. Both men watched her with hungry eyes. “I’m flattered.”

Riggit beamed at Cassandra and added shyly. “We would like it if you join us, if you feel the same, of course.”

Schvark nodded his head in agreement with his partner. Both of them were grinning.

Cassandra stood and sauntered over to the couch. She wriggled her ass between the pair already sitting there, making a space for herself in the middle. “I would love to join you.”

Riggit nipped playfully at her ear, trailing a finger down the curve of her hip. He placed his palm on her exposed rump and squeezed it gently. Schvark stared down at her breasts, licking his lips thoughtfully. He brushed a thumb experimentally across her nipple, and she shuddered at his touch.

Schvark paused a moment. She had tilted her body toward him, and he was looking down at her with a shit-eating grin on his face. He cleared his throat uncomfortably. “There’s something important we need to talk about before we go any further. You aren’t from this realm, so some of our anatomies might be unfamiliar to you.”

Cassandra considered him, looking up into his green worried face. “What do you mean?”

She asked her question coyly, reaching down to grab hold of his hard member. She squeezed it slightly, milking the shaft in long slow strokes. The gnome crossed his eyes and moaned.

“Quite a large girth, but other than that pretty standard.”

“By the dragons, woman. If you keep that up I’m not going to be able to tell you. It’s important.”

Schvark struggled to reach across Cassandra, and she let go of his shaft with a giggle. While she watched, he unfastened Riggit’s pants and slid them down over his hips. This revealed the large dark black rod of his cock. The shaft only slightly larger around than Schvark’s, and just as long.

Schvark rubbed his partner gingerly up and down the rigid rod. The tinker used deft fingers to flare the purple head. That was when Cassandra saw what Schvark had been trying to tell her. Riggit’s cock head was very unusual. The purple head of his member flared out when Schvark squeezed it. It was ringed with studs. The longer Schvark played with him, the more the horns flared. They even grew longer.

“Well, that’s a little intimidating. Is it safe?” Her entire body flushed, and her pussy tingled. She wondered what it would feel like to have that inside of her.

Riggit moaned, and Schvark chuckled, releasing his companion’s sex. The tinker explained. “It’s mostly safe, you just have to be careful. I only let him inside me on special occasions, so this will be a treat for him. Once he’s inside of you, he’s going to stay there until he’s flaccid again. Speaking from experience, that might take a while. Even a one night stand with him is a commitment.” Schvark guffawed at his own joke.


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