Chapter 3 Page 14

“Anywhere you send me is preferable to servitude. I’m worried about what she will do to you, though.”

“I will be fine. Shadow doesn’t want to hurt me, she’s actually very fond of me. She probably needs help with a gate. I’m very talented in that area. Of course, I do have other talents she might be interested in as well.” Riggit handed Cassandra the package of food, book, and staff.

Cassandra laughed, collecting the items her friend passed to her. With no time to inspect them, she slung the makeshift satchel over her shoulder and tucked the staff into it. “I don’t blame her. I’m sure she has all sorts of plans for that cute ass of yours. Is this your journal.”

Hoisting himself over the window sill, Riggit followed Cassandra out into the night. “It’s my journal from when I first started learning to be a gatekeeper.”

Riggit froze, ducking below the lip of the window. He put a finger over his lips, and waved his hand in a downward motion, prompting Cassandra to lower herself as well. “Shhhh!” he hissed.

The bedroom door opened. “What’s going on in here,” growled the commander’s voice from inside the bedroom. “I thought you said he was making himself presentable for me.”

“Oh, my mistake your high and mighty pain in the ass-ness,” snapped Schvark “He’s probably in the shower. That’s clear on the other side of the house.”

“Your master lets you get away with far too much familiarity, servant.” Their voices trailed off as Schvark led Commander Shadow towards the far side of the cottage.

“Give Schvark a big hug for me,” sighed Cassandra.

“I will,” whispered Riggit. “We had better hurry. She can’t follow you through the gate into your world. She doesn’t know how to operate the gates herself. As long as I have time to close the gate behind you, you will be safe from her.”

The two broke into a run down the path that led into the valley. Riggit’s black fur was a natural camouflage in the darkness. The silent gate glowed a soft blue before them, and they stopped when they reached it. Riggit made some curious motions with his hands and tapped the gate in several places.

“Will I ever see you again?” asked Cassandra, interrupting the gate keeper’s ritual.

“Of course you will if you want. I sense you have some Far Shoalain blood in you. One of your ancestors, perhaps a grandparent or a great grandparent, was from our realm. It is a skill you can learn from the gatekeeping runes. That’s why I’m giving you my book. This and the staff will be your tools now. You’ll be able to contact me through the gates, maybe even open them on your own one day.”

“Do you really mean that?” Cassandra could barely believe her ears. After years of studying these gates, finally the break she needed to really understand them. She threw her arms around Riggit “Thank you!”

“RIGGIT!” The scream was angry and carried clearly down the dark hillside.

“Sorry, no time to discuss this. Get in.” Riggit shoved Cassandra through the gate, and she was once again enveloped in light.

When Cassandra’s vision cleared, she was standing on a beach. The sun was shining brightly on the pristine white sand, and waves of crystal clear water lapped the shore peacefully. The air was salty, and down the curve of the sand dunes, palm trees sprouted at deviant angles.

She turned, and there was a gate behind her still glowing from where she had come through. Even as she watched, the glow flickered and died, the runes fading back into the silent cold stone. Her shoulders slumped, and she plopped down ungracefully onto the sand.

“This sucks,” she declared.

Cassandra studied the gate for a moment, removing her pack and letting it sit on the warm sand. She opened it, picking through the contents. The cheese and the bread were fresh, and she nibbled them thoughtfully. A few coins had made their way into her bag as well, and they were an unfamiliar denomination. Carefully, she set the staff down at her side and opened the notebook. No time like the present to begin her training.


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Chapter 3 Page 13

“What do you think you are doing?” Cassandra protested.

Riggit chuckled, “Unless you want to end up the personal sex slave of a petulant dragon princess, we really need to get you out of here.”

“As appealing as that sounds, I had better not. I like my freedom. Is she an ex?”

“No, more like a current. She gets very jealous of me and other women.”

Cassandra hopped on one leg, struggling to put the trousers that were a size too small over her naked ass. “That’s not very nice. You shouldn’t lie to someone you are in a relationship with.”

Riggit grimaced. “She didn’t really give me a choice, she just sort of claimed me. Unfortunately, she can get away with that because she is a princess.”

“Hurry,” hissed Schvark from the other room. “You know how she is. Much longer and she will probably knock down the door.”

“I know, I know.” Riggit led Cassandra through the kitchen. The table there was set with a variety of bread, cheese, and fruit. Riggit scooped up a handful of the various foods and wrapped them in a cloth napkin. The doorbell rang again, twice in rapid succession. Each time, Riggit jumped as if he had been startled.

He led Cassandra through a small door and into the room at the rear of the house. This room was new to her, and from the dressers and hanging hammock beds, she guessed it was a bedroom. Riggit snagged the knocking staff which he had propped against the inside wall. He opened a window and motioned for Cassandra to proceed him through.

Cassandra squeezed herself into the overly tight shirt and approached their escape route.

Outside the bedroom, the front door opened with a thud. The woman addressed Schvark in a loud grumpy voice.

“Servant, where is your master?”

“How many times must I remind you, Hussy? I am not a servant. We are lovers…L…O…V…E…R…S!”

“Were you not commanded to answer the door wearing no clothing? Even now you do his bidding. Don’t flatter yourself. You are a lowly creature and he amuses himself with you, that is all.” Commander Shadow paused. “Is that another woman I smell?”

“I…what? No, it’s um… a new cheese. And for your information, we were doing what lovers do. That’s why I am naked.”

Cassandra wrinkled her nose at being called new cheese, but the fact that the commander’s senses were sharp enough that she could smell Cassandra caused her to quickly squeeze herself through the window.

“Listen,” Riggit whispered through the window. “I don’t have much time to find you a functioning gate. I’m unfamiliar with the gates in your world, but I know for sure I can’t send you back to the one you came through. The swampuk is probably still there. I may have to send you to an unknown location.”


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Chapter 3 Page 12

Schvark leaned over Cassandra. He touched Riggit gently on his cheek. “That was hot,” the green-skinned man smiled. Inside her pussy, the deflating cock made a short pulse.

“Don’t you dare,” Cassandra growled playfully, shoving the two apart. “I’m not going to spend all night getting humped. I was promised dinner. I skipped my last meal because I was too busy making discoveries.”

Schvark laughed. “We did offer dinner.”

Riggit pulled out of Cassandra, tenderly licking her ear. “That was wonderful. You were wonderful. Our litter will be strong and beautiful like their mother.”

“Oh, no they won’t,” Cassandra snorted. “I take pills for that, and I am up to date.”

Riggit looked Crestfallen, but Schvark guffawed. “Did you think women from the calm wouldn’t have birth control? That’s just daft.”

Cassandra nodded her agreement and stood. A sloppy mess trickled down her leg when she did. She frowned at the puddle she was making. “I should probably get cleaned up again.”

Schvark chuckled, “You’re just looking for a chance to use my magnificent shower again.”

“You bet,” Cassandra grinned and stretched. Both men stared appreciatively at her naked form.

Suddenly a clanging echoed through the house. “What in the seven hells was that?”

“That was the doorbell,” said Riggit.

Schvark scurried to a contraption set into the wall beside the door. It was made of copper tubing and set with several lenses of varying sizes. He peaked through, and his ears twitched rapidly.

“Oh, fuck!” Schvark exclaimed.

“Who is it?” Riggit was looking curious, but unconcerned.

Schvark turned back to the two of them. Worry was etched across his face.“Ummm… this isn’t good. It’s the Commander.”

“The Commander?” The puzzled look on Riggit’s face was almost comical.

“Commander Shadow, you daft bastard.”

Riggit’s fur bristled. “Oh, fuck! We have to get your pretty little ass out of here.”

Cassandra ducked around Schvark while he and Riggit bantered, for a peak in the copper device. It framed a shapely woman with long dark hair and purple skin the color of plums. She had an imposing frown on her face, and she was dressed in a skin-tight black leather outfit that hugged her curves and proudly displayed both her amethyst cleavage and an impressive row of military medals.

Cassandra gasped. “Scary, but kind of hot.”

A Furry pair of paws gripped her hips and pulled her away from the viewing device. Riggit turned her to face him and handed her a bundle of Schvark’s clothing. He grabbed her hand, and pulled her into the kitchen, snatching up a leather-bound notebook in the process.


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Chapter 3 Page 11

Cassandra was in heaven. One handsome otherworldly man was corked deep inside her pussy. Another alien stud was shoving his cock as far down her throat as it would go. Sandwiched in between, the only movement available to her was to rock in time to their motions.

Riggit kneaded her breasts, tugging hard enough on the nipples to bruise. His earlier attempts at treating her gently, all but forgotten, thank goodness. Schvark rooted his fingers through her hair, pushing her head against his pelvis, and shoving his cock all the way to the back of her throat. She had to gasp for air every time he pulled out and slammed back into her mouth.

When her pussy started to flutter around Riggit’s cock, he dug his claws into her hips. The yowl that burst from Riggit was filled with exquisite pleasure. His tone grew in response to her nearing orgasm. Suddenly his cries stopped, and he grunted, going limp over Cassandra’s back. She felt a rush of hot wet gushing inside of her.

That pushed her over the edge, and she contracted hard around Riggit. She would have screamed, but there was a second cock rammed firmly down her throat. Schvark still had his hands in her hair, preventing her from pulling away from him.

Watching his lover coming must have sent him into a spiral as well. His cock pulsed, and then shot a load down her throat. She swallowed every bit, she had no choice.

Schvark pulled himself out of her mouth. A thin trickle of cum mixed with saliva dribbled down her chin. Cassandra coughed and gasped deeply, happy to be able to breathe again. She shifted, rolling onto her side between the two men. Schvark laid her head in his lap and absently stroked her hair.

Inside her pussy, Riggit was still squirting. He was pumping so much into her that it was spraying down her leg. Riggit was purring deeply, and cuddling against her newly exposed belly.

“How much do you have in you, Big Boy?”

Schvark laughed at her, and Riggit tugged experimentally to see if they could part. They were still firmly locked together. He smiled apologetically. “Sorry, it takes a while for the swelling to go down.”

“How inconvenient,” chuckled Cassandra. She stretched out flat, rolling onto her belly. She brought her trapped lover with her. Riggit, still stuck in her pussy reclined across her back. His chest rumbled deeply, sending warm vibrations through her whole body.

“It does mean lots of after sex cuddling,” he purred.

It was nice, actually. It felt like she was lying under a big fur blanket. A blanket that just happened to have a large ejaculating cock shoved up inside of her.

Cassandra snuggled against Schvark’s thigh. In front of her, his cock was slowly relaxing. She used her finger to collect some of the cum she had missed earlier and lapped at her sticky fingers lazily. She was so comfortable, she dozed between her new lovers.

Finally, after a while, she felt Riggit’s cock retracting. He hadn’t pulled out yet, but he wasn’t lodged in quite so tightly. Cassandra squirmed, trying to work her way out from under him. He wasn’t helping. Instead, he snuggled her closely and purred even louder.


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Chapter 3 Page 10

Riggit smiled bashfully. “I understand if you change your mind.”

Cassandra wiggled onto all fours, pointing her ass towards Riggit. His purr deepened, and he watched her get situated. With a gleam in her eye, she said, “Well, what are you waiting for? Put it in me.”

Riggit hopped off the couch, nearly falling on his face while trying to get his pants all the way off. He returned to his position on the couch, kissing and licking Cassandra’s round bottom. Cassandra squirmed, in his grasp, but he just held on tighter, dragging his sharp-clawed nails over her rump. He licked his way to her slit, which was already juicy from the thought of his unusual member penetrating her.

She squealed, wiggling her bottom furiously. It was so hard to stay still while his tongue lapped away insider her. It was rough like you would expect a cat’s tongue to be. “You are an eager boy,” she gasped.

Riggit rose and pressed the tapered tip of his member against her pussy, nudging open her tender swollen lips. “Unless I’m mistaken, I am not the only one.”

Cassandra laughed and pushed back against him. His cock pushed her open, sending jolts of delicious pleasure surging through her. It was a tight fit, even from this direction, and it was spreading her wide.

“Slowly,” panted Riggit. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’m not made of glass.” Cassandra rocked back hard against Riggit. That final push shoved him all the way up inside of her. Her rump touched his furry belly and she whimpered. His balls bounced lightly against the swell of her mound. Inside her his cock head flared, pressing against the inner wall of her vagina.

Riggit rocked extremely slowly, moving their hips together in a swaying motion. It was a little scary knowing that they were stuck fast in that position until Riggit finished off inside of her. He was so gentle. His hands were soft when they squeezed her rump and then moved across her belly and her sensitive breasts. His chest was warm against her back, and his heavy breath hot against the back of her neck.

Experimentally she tried pulling forward away from him. The ridges held fast. They tugged at the lining of her pussy, but they only hurt a little.

“It feels so good when you do that,” moaned Riggit, pushing his pelvis against her rump, causing pressure, then release in small powerful increments. Every time he pulled back he stretched her insides in a way that nearly pushed her over the edge. The ridges hit her right in the spots that were the most sensitive. Riggit was getting less and less gentle, tugging away from her and then pushing back in.

Cassandra’s whole body bounced rhythmically. Through pleasure hazy eyes, she saw Schvark watching them both. His long fingers fisted around his own erection, pumping it in time with their undulations. Cassandra beckoned to the goblin. He approached her cautiously, touching her hair and face lovingly. She was having none of that. She grabbed him by the balls, stuffing his cock into her mouth.


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Chapter 3 page 9

Cassandra dropped back down into her chair, letting her eyes rove freely over the two entwined men on the couch. In twisting around Schvark’s pants had fallen down around his hips. It revealed an impressively large hard cock.

“Riggit wasn’t the only one who got excited.” Cassandra blushed at her own comments. She stood, letting her towel drop to the floor. Both men watched her with hungry eyes. “I’m flattered.”

Riggit beamed at Cassandra and added shyly. “We would like it if you join us, if you feel the same, of course.”

Schvark nodded his head in agreement with his partner. Both of them were grinning.

Cassandra stood and sauntered over to the couch. She wriggled her ass between the pair already sitting there, making a space for herself in the middle. “I would love to join you.”

Riggit nipped playfully at her ear, trailing a finger down the curve of her hip. He placed his palm on her exposed rump and squeezed it gently. Schvark stared down at her breasts, licking his lips thoughtfully. He brushed a thumb experimentally across her nipple, and she shuddered at his touch.

Schvark paused a moment. She had tilted her body toward him, and he was looking down at her with a shit-eating grin on his face. He cleared his throat uncomfortably. “There’s something important we need to talk about before we go any further. You aren’t from this realm, so some of our anatomies might be unfamiliar to you.”

Cassandra considered him, looking up into his green worried face. “What do you mean?”

She asked her question coyly, reaching down to grab hold of his hard member. She squeezed it slightly, milking the shaft in long slow strokes. The gnome crossed his eyes and moaned.

“Quite a large girth, but other than that pretty standard.”

“By the dragons, woman. If you keep that up I’m not going to be able to tell you. It’s important.”

Schvark struggled to reach across Cassandra, and she let go of his shaft with a giggle. While she watched, he unfastened Riggit’s pants and slid them down over his hips. This revealed the large dark black rod of his cock. The shaft only slightly larger around than Schvark’s, and just as long.

Schvark rubbed his partner gingerly up and down the rigid rod. The tinker used deft fingers to flare the purple head. That was when Cassandra saw what Schvark had been trying to tell her. Riggit’s cock head was very unusual. The purple head of his member flared out when Schvark squeezed it. It was ringed with studs. The longer Schvark played with him, the more the horns flared. They even grew longer.

“Well, that’s a little intimidating. Is it safe?” Her entire body flushed, and her pussy tingled. She wondered what it would feel like to have that inside of her.

Riggit moaned, and Schvark chuckled, releasing his companion’s sex. The tinker explained. “It’s mostly safe, you just have to be careful. I only let him inside me on special occasions, so this will be a treat for him. Once he’s inside of you, he’s going to stay there until he’s flaccid again. Speaking from experience, that might take a while. Even a one night stand with him is a commitment.” Schvark guffawed at his own joke.


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Chapter 3 Page 8

“We would have to get passed that swampuk, but I would love to show it to you.”

Schvark led Cassandra down a hall and through a wooden doorway. This door was smaller than the front door, and rectangle. She unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor, then she untied the Schvark’s shirt from around her waist dropping it beside her own discarded clothing.

Cassandra wiggled her tush at Riggit and winked at him seductively. She bent and kissed Schvark on the cheek, and the tinker smiled back at her, holding the door open. She sauntered past the two of them, completely naked, and stepped into the shower. “Thank you both,” she said, before closing the sliding door.

The shower was magnificent and slightly different from the showers she was used to. Some of the nozzles and levers were clearly labeled. There was a “Hot” and “Cold” dial. Other knobs required some experimentation to figure out. Eventually, she was standing in between four jets of pulsing water, all of which were pleasantly hot. It was heavenly, considering she hadn’t had a real shower in days.

Feeling clean and relaxed, she climbed out. She half expected her new friends to be hanging around and watching her shower.

She wouldn’t have minded, they seemed nice. Instead, she found a pile of fluffy towels to dry off with. She cleaned her monocle, placing it back on her face, and wandered out into the house wrapped only in a warm damp towel.

She found her companions in the sitting room, reclined together on a large plush couch. They were embracing and kissing. Cassandra made her way to an adjacent chair.

She knew it was wicked to watch such an intimate moment shared between two people, but she was having a hard time looking away. Both of them were sexy and wrapped around each other like that, the two of them looked really scrumptious. It didn’t help that Cassandra had a thing for cozying up to friends of hers who happened to be in couples. Her best friend Lu and his wife were her favorites.

Riggit was working his furry fingers down into Schvark’s pants. The little green tinker had his eyes closed, and his head rolled back. He was obviously enjoying the attention he was getting from his lover. Riggit glanced up and noticed Cassandra sitting there. He pulled away from his kiss and smiled sheepishly at her. In his arms, Schvark whimpered sensually.

“I am so sorry,” Cassandra apologized. “I had no right to intrude on the two of you. I should leave.” She started to rise from her seat.

Riggit moved to stop her, dislodging Schvark in the process. “Sorry, we just… we should be the ones apologizing to you.” Riggit was stuttering his objection.

Schvark poked Riggit in his exposed belly, then wiggled sideways to get a better look at Cassandra. “What mister smooth talker is trying to say, is that your undeniably sexy rear end got him excited. We didn’t want to bother you, and he was too shy to ask if you were interested in a threesome. I was going to be nice and suck him off, but one thing led to another.”


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