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Chapter 2 Page 17

Through the course of their lovemaking, Ellie experienced more orgasms than she’d ever had in a single night. She was sure she had given Ophelia a lion’s share of climaxing as well. As the sun peaked through the tattered blinds on the window, the two of them lay in an exhausted heap. Covers were strewn all over the floor, and the sheets were slick with perspiration and pussy juice.

Ellie drifted into a fitful slumber which was only calmed by holding tight to the softly snoring Ophelia. She snuggled close, burying her face in the girl’s tangled hair. She tried desperately to shove the doubts and fears from her mind, but they insisted on intruding in her peace. She was the one who was afraid. After what they had shared, the very thought of losing Ophelia sent tremors of fear through her.

She knew it was possible. In the brief moment when there was nothing between them, when they had shared one mind, she had felt the very real threats to Ophelia. The details of these threats were not clear. Their minds had merged, but it was not clear thoughts she had received, but the essence of her being. The thoughts were there, but they were like the broken pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces did not fit together, and they faded with the tremors of her lust. She vowed, then and there, that no matter what happened she was never letting Ophelia go.


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Chapter 2 Page 16

Ellie reached up to touch Ophelia’s rosy skin. She trailed her finger down the length of Ophelia’s spine. Pleasantly, she noticed the shivers she was sending up her companion’s body. Ophelia was right, she could sense the dark spirit inside the girl, and forcing that monstrous side of Ophelia to act against her will would be a struggle at the very least. She didn’t think it was possible to subvert that force in a direction it didn’t want to go.

With a deep sigh, Ellie leaned over, kissing Ophelia in the small of her back. She spread her hands over Ophelia’s ass, rubbing her companion’s pink skin. Waves of joy and pleasure spread over the girl, happy to please and be pleased by her master.

Ophelia leaned forward, completely exposing her pussy, which was already dripping with moisture. There could be no doubt left in Ellie’s mind that Ophelia was just as caught up in their mutual lust as she was. There was no reason to resist any longer, and she gave herself over to the pure ecstasy of enjoyment.

Ophelia dipped her body low, her legs spreading wide as her knees slid against the soft sheets. Ellie shimmied down under her, positioning herself below that tantalizing pussy. This caused her nightgown to ride upon her, and she struggled briefly to remove the clothing so there would be nothing between her skin, and Ophelia’s.

Red juicy labia hung over Ellie’s head, and she prodded them with exploring fingers. A sharp gasp sprung from Ophelia, and suddenly Ellie was bombarded by an echoing sensation of pleasure. She pushed her fingers in deeper, swirling them around inside of Ophelia. The girl nearly crumbled on top of her from sheer ecstasy.

Ellie didn’t waste any more time. She plunged her face deep into Ophelia’s open pussy. Lapping hungrily, she swiveled her tongue from side to side. Ophelia tasted wonderful, salty and succulent. Her tiny clit was already growing swollen with her pleasure. Ellie didn’t stop there, but continued nipping and licking at Ophelia’s engorged pussy.

Ophelia didn’t fight the rising tide of her own lust. She spread Ellie’s knees apart, and kissed her way up her lover’s thigh, pressing her tender lips deeply into the muscles there. When she reached Ellie’s pussy, she licked and sucked with wild abandon, lapping up Ellie’s juices. She was hungry for love, and sex, and she dove into her desire like a decadent dessert.

Ellie teased and nibbled the tender rosy flesh of Ophelia’s pussy. She dug her fingers deeper into Ophelia’s swollen pussy. It didn’t take long until the girl was screaming in a powerful orgasm.

While they writhed in ecstasy, something happened that shot Ellie to heights she never believed she could reach. It was like a floodgate opened between her and Ophelia. For an instant, there were no boundaries between them. They merged, their minds intertwining as thickly as their bodies. Wave after wave of Ophelia’s thoughts and emotions embraced her and overpowered her. After a mere moment, that seemed to last an eternity, they were released from the thralls of their merging. It left them both panting and breathless.

Ellie was having a hard time remembering any details from the avalanche of Ophelia that had washed over her. “What was that,” she asked, still toying with Ophelia’s sensitive sex.

“I don’t know,” Ophelia answered honestly. “That has never happened to me before.”

Ellie sensed the girl was keeping something from her, something that embarrassed her, perhaps. Possibly it was something which frightened her. Ellie couldn’t tell, so she wrapped her arms around her lover, and sent her comforting thoughts.


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Chapter 2 Page 15

Ellie returned the favor, toying with Ophelia’s tongue. Ellie kissed her with ragged desperation that sent alternating warmth then chills through her body. The sparks from their kiss were unbelievable, and Ellie couldn’t remember ever falling so far so fast for anyone.

As satisfying as the kiss was, Ellie wanted more. She raised her hands, caressing Ophelia’s curves through the thin fabric of the t-shirt. She cupped the girl’s breasts, the luscious mounds resting warmly in her open palms. She squished them together, playing her fingers against the soft supple flesh.

Ellie pulled at Ophelia’s tender nipples. She enjoyed the ripples of pleasure emanating from the girl. Her pert nipples grew harder and more sensitive with every tantalizing stroke. It would be so easy to bury her head between those breasts, covering them in sloppy wet kisses.

Instead, she dropped the tempting mounds. “I shouldn’t do this. Not to you,” Ellie gasped, pushing the girl away. Ophelia’s warm hands were already making their way up her legs, caressing the tender spot behind her knees. If she wasn’t careful, things were going to get way out of hand. What would happen if Ophelia found the spot halfway up her thigh that made her go crazy? She wouldn’t be able to stop herself if those fingers kept trailing up the curve of her leg to her already engorged pussy.

“I desire what you desire, Master.” Ophelia’s words sent a fresh shiver of warmth over Ellie. She felt her own deep desire echo in Ophelia’s mind, playing against hers and multiplying the sensation until she wasn’t sure what were her thoughts, and what were Ophelia’s.

“I don’t want to make you do this. You don’t have to give yourself to me just because you think I own you.” Ellie knew her words were in direct conflict with the sensations surrounding her. She was fighting the rising tide of her lust, but she intended to win against her desire. Ophelia wasn’t going to be her slave, no matter how tempting that prospect might be. The girl was too precious, and she already cared for her far too deeply to let that happen.

Ophelia gazed up into Ellie’s eyes, an intense thoughtful look on the girl’s face. “You’re afraid for my sake.” She said the words tenderly. “You’re worried that you’ll make me do something I don’t want because you’re my master.” There was awe in her words, and the shadow surfaced for a brief moment making its dark presence known. “I can assure you, Master. When you make me do something I don’t want to do, you’ll know.”

An impish gleam replaced the seriousness in Ophelia’s eyes, and she bent down to kiss Ellie’s knee. She nestled her lips against the spot halfway up Ellie’s thigh, tickling it with her pink exploring tongue. When Ophelia lowered herself, she hiked her leg to straddle Ellie’s legs, pinning her to the bed. This turned her ample bottom so that it drifted right under Ellie’s enraptured face. It was a sexual calculated move and it brought the heat between them to a rolling boil. There was no doubt in her mind that Ophelia was using the intimate knowledge they shared to bring Ellie to greater heights of pleasure.

Ellie was trapped under Ophelia, staring at her peach-shaped rump. Her hard nipples sending sparks of lust shooting through her body ever time they brushed against the impeding fabric of her nightgown. At that moment, she wanted desperately to be free of that cumbersome fabric.

Ophelia strongly desired to be free of her own clothing as well, so she raised herself up, removing the offending shirt. While Ophelia slid the clothing over her head, Ellie had a gorgeous view of her companion’s back and shoulders. She was plump, but with her love of food, this was no surprise to Ellie. Her soft curves and sensual motion were tantalizing.


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Chapter 2 Page 14

“If I don’t have a master, they are going to put me away. I’m going to go crazy. That’s what happens when someone like me loses their master. They go crazy. I won’t be me anymore, and I’ll do horrible things because there won’t be anyone left to stop me.” Ophelia was blubbering, and her words didn’t make much sense. Behind her deep fear was the shadow, which Ellie now believed was the creature living inside the plump cute little thing. It seemed strange to Ellie, but the shadow echoed the fear and confusion that Ophelia openly felt.

Ellie turned on the bedside lamp, looking over the distraught girl nestled in her lap. She caressed Ophelia’s hair where the green stood out against the blond. It was draped, unhindered over her neck and shoulders, hiding her face from Ellie.

With tender fingers, Ellie pulled back Ophelia’s bangs, revealing the girl’s tear-streaked face. She looked up at Ellie with open adoration, and it melted Ellie’s heart. Impulsively she leaned down and kissed Ophelia on her temple. The girl stopped crying.

Her lips were two luscious arches set against soft satin skin. They drew Ellie closer, like two rose-colored magnets, sending waves of desire coursing through her. The heat was building up between the two women, a soft glowing heat that kindled a deep desire inside of both of them.

“Master,” Ophelia said the word tenderly.

“Let me see if I understand this. If I’m your master, then nothing will happen to you, is that right?” Ellie mused thoughtfully, distracting herself from naughty thoughts about Ophelia’s lips.

“Yes, if you are my master, then you could keep the monster inside of me from going out of control.”

“She doesn’t seem so bad. A little crude, but she was fighting those evil monsters, and she saved my life.”

“We are the same,” Ophelia corrected gently. “The monster inside of me is not a separate person. When I become a monster, I believe all the same things I do when I am human. I just react to them differently. My emotions are raw and untamed, but they are still my emotions.”

“You saved my life then, and you tried to save that man. It wasn’t your fault he wasn’t listening.” Ellie paused for a moment. “I don’t even know what his name is. He was blocking my abilities, so I don’t know anything about him.”

“His name was Martin, but I wasn’t allowed to call him that.” Ophelia burst into fresh tears and buried her head against Ellie’s chest.

The sight of Ophelia looking so helpless was almost too much for Ellie to bear. She curled around the weeping girl protectively. She twined her fingers through Ophelia’s hair, trying to relieve some of the tension she felt pouring off the girl. Her tender ministrations seemed to be working. Before long Ophelia quieted and her tears ceased.

Ellie leaned down to kiss Ophelia once more. She intended for her lips to land on Ophelia’s cheek, but as she drew close Ophelia turned and met Ellie’s lips with her own. A fire started in Ellie’s belly, spreading through her, leaving her hot and flushed. An inappropriate moistness was seeping between her legs.

She lost herself in that kiss, pulling Ophelia close in a smothering embrace. The girl’s lips brushed like silk against hers sending waves of desire all the way down to her toes. Ophelia’s lips parted, revealing a playful tongue. It darted in and out between Ellie’s lips, teasing and taunting.


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Chapter 2 Page 13

Ellie fumbled with her money, and when she turned back she saw the boy staring into her apartment with a look of reverie on his face. She followed the trail of his eyes to where they rested. Ophelia had propped herself up against the couch and was watching them both with eager curiosity. His eyes were glued to the Ophelia’s pale exposed legs.

Heat rose up in Ellie’s cheeks, and a jealous itch formed in the pit of her stomach. Her mind was instantly muddled, and she handed the delivery boy more money than she needed before shutting the door in his face. She turned back to Ophelia, and the girl smiled in the all-accepting way which she had about her.

“Don’t pretend you aren’t pleased to be noticed.” Ellie narrowed her eyes at the girl.

“I would not pretend with you. Our bond would betray me, even if I tried.” Ophelia was careful not to think the word “master” at Ellie, but there was a marked sadness in the absence.

Ellie shook her head to clear the clutter in her mind. She placed the pizza box on the coffee table and retrieved two cans of soda from the kitchen. Ophelia was delighted with the fizzy beverage. Apparently, this was a treat she rarely experienced. As they settled on the sofa together, Ellie wondered how many luxuries the girl had been denied in her lifetime. That seemed a shameful way to treat someone with such talent.

Ellie picked up the remote and flipped absently through the hundred or so channels on the television. Ophelia giggled happily when she passed a cartoon program, so Ellie left it on that channel and dug into the pizza. By the time they were done, Ophelia had consumed two-thirds of the food, but she seemed to be sated finally. The girl curled against Ellie on the couch, her arms draped possessively over Ellie’s waist. Soon she was snoring peacefully.

Ellie untangled herself from the girl. Ophelia whimpered, and rolled over, but remained asleep. Her face was content and cherubic in her slumber. The investigator pulled a spare blanket out of the hall closet and draped it over the sleeping beauty. Then she readied herself for bed, leaving Ophelia to rest on the sofa.

Ellie tossed and turned, before finally falling asleep. While she slept, she was plagued with strange dreams. They involved fire and monsters and people she didn’t recognize. She woke in the dead of night and sat up straight. Her breath was heavy and ragged. She knew the dreams were frightening, and she was being chased by something horrible, but she couldn’t remember the details.

She caught her breath. In the darkness, two glowing orbs danced in the doorway. Ellie watched, mesmerized, but she wasn’t afraid. She knew those gleaming eyes belonged to Ophelia, just as sure as she knew her own heartbeat. She also knew that the girl was frightened and fighting conflicting emotions which were keeping her trapped in the doorway.

Ellie reached out to her. “What is it? Are you alright?”

“I had a bad dream, Master.” Ophelia was too distraught to cover her use of the moniker.

Ellie laughed out loud. “Is that all?”

The eyes nodded.

“Come here.” Ellie tapped the sheets beside her.

In an instant Ophelia dove into the bed next to Ellie. The girl shut her eyes tightly and threw her arms around Ellie’s waist. She sobbed into Ellie’s belly, hot tears wetting the modest cotton nightgown.


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Chapter 2 Page 12

Ellie was at a loss. In truth, the whole situation was utterly absurd. She had always been able to pick up on other people’s thoughts, but no one had ever heard her thoughts in return. She watched in a surreal daze while Ophelia opened her ancient microwave, and punched in the numbers. Then the girl stared impatiently while the noodles warmed up.

“Are you always hungry after you…you know after your change?” Ellie asked hesitantly.

“Do you ever go for a run or workout, and get really hungry afterward?”

“Yes,” said Ellie. She knew that feeling.

“It’s like that, but a billion times worse.” The timer went off, and Ophelia removed the steaming noodles. “Too hot,” she groaned. Her bottom lip protruded in an adorable pout. “This is taking forever.”

“I haven’t had dinner yet,” Ellie said thoughtfully. “Why don’t I order us a pizza? I’ll even make it a large since you’re so hungry.”

Ophelia’s eyes grew wide. “I love pizza. I had it one time when we were traveling. I had the one with pepperoni. It was delicious.”

“Pizza it is then,” smiled Ellie. While Ophelia polished off the lo-mein, Ellie ordered them a large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese.

When Ophelia finished the takeout, she stood in the kitchen, holding the empty container with a look of deep regret in her eyes.

“You can watch the television until the pizza arrives,” suggested Ellie.

Ophelia smiled brightly, placed the empty container on the counter, and headed into the living room. Once there, she walked up to the television and switched it on. After that, she moved to the sofa, and plopped down, the jacket gaping open obscenely.

Ellie threw the trash away and followed Ophelia into the living room. Soon, she realized she was going to do nothing but stare at the creamy breast that was peeking out of the jacket if she didn’t do something about it. She wandered into her room and returned moments later with an oversized men’s t-shirt.

Ellie tossed the shirt to Ophelia. “This will probably fit you better than that jacket you’re wearing. It belonged to an old boyfriend of mine, but it is way too big for me. Here, why don’t you try it on? I’m sorry your clothes were burned when the van exploded.”

With great effort, Ellie focused on the television screen while the girl stripped and replaced the jacket with her oversized shirt. She stared desperately at the infomercial for a salad slicer.

“Do you have one of those,” asked Ophelia innocently.

It took a moment for Ellie to realize that she was referring to the commercial. “I don’t eat at home enough to warrant something like that. Just a glorified food processor if you ask me.” Ellie looked up, her eyes couldn’t help drifting over Ophelia’s neckline where the collar hung a little too low. One side slid insolently off her shoulder. Curvy thighs peeked out from under the hem of the shirt. Far more of Ophelia’s sensual legs were visible than Ellie was strictly comfortable with.

There was a knock at the door and Ellie jumped, startled by the sudden interruption. She rose hastily and opened the door a crack. Outside, the pizza delivery boy stood expectantly.

“You ordered a large pepperoni pizza,” he asked.


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Chapter 2 Page 11

The ride back to Ellie’s apartment was uneventful. She had a near miss when the jacket she had wrapped around Ophelia fell to the side revealing a creamy plump breast. In that instance of distraction, she nearly ran into the back of a pickup truck. Once she righted her vehicle, she made sure to keep her eyes on the thinning evening traffic. She wasn’t sure how she would explain the naked sleeping girl in her passenger seat if she were pulled over by the police.

Ellie’s apartment was a tiny affair, just big enough for a single working woman. It was barely large enough to keep her sleuthing equipment, and situated near the heart of Harborton. Things were quiet for Ellie since she was living next to an elderly woman. However, a few doors down, closer to the parking lot, a weekend party was in full swing.

Blocking as much of Ophelia as possible, to preserve the girl’s modesty, Ellie opened the passenger door. She adjusted the jacket as best she could, but Ophelia was hippie and busty in ways that Ellie never could be. Her jacket barely covered Ophelia’s ample breasts and hips. It just wasn’t designed to hold such plump cuteness.

A young man with bleary eyes sat by himself on the wall overlooking the parking lot. Ellie searched his mind, but his level of intoxication was sufficiently high. He wouldn’t remember anything he saw while he was in that state. His mind was already filling in the spotty details with a fictional story about two girls making out. She cradled Ophelia close, but the girl was limp as a noodle. When she slept, she did it soundly.

Ellie fumbled with her keys but managed to open her door. Once she was inside, with the door firmly shut behind her, Ophelia’s eyes shot open. Ellie sighed and lowered the girl’s feet gently to the floor. The jacket gaped open, revealing most of Ophelia’s body. The girl, however, seemed unconcerned with her blatant nudity.

It was the first time Ellie had a chance to look at Ophelia since the dragon attack. She caught her breath and flushed deeply. Something about Ophelia’s nonchalant charm set her heart racing. She could easily imagine running her hands up Ophelia’s belly and cupping those tender breasts in her open palm. She shook her head to clear it of those intrusive fantasies. They barely knew each other, and Ellie wasn’t about to take advantage of the girl right after a personal tragedy.

“Make yourself at home,” Ellie offered.

“Is this where we live, Master,” Ophelia asked as she bounced away from Ellie, and headed for the kitchen. The girl spotted the refrigerator and opened it curiously.

“This is my apartment, and I don’t think you should be calling me that.” Ellie didn’t want to admit that every time Ophelia used the word “Master,” it made her tingle.

“It isn’t very big is it?” She frowned when she saw the meager contents of Ellie’s fridge, and with a look of resignation, she grabbed a box of leftover lo-mein takeout. “My other master had a huge house, but I don’t need much room.”

Ellie felt a sudden apprehension, and she entered her kitchen smothered in feelings of inadequacy. She wasn’t sure where the feelings were coming from. “She’s not yours to keep, Ellie. No matter what she says,” she chided herself.

“If you aren’t Master, then why do you feel like Master,” asked Ophelia, “Why can I hear you in here, like Master,” she added out loud, pointing to her head.


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