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Chapter 1 Page 14

Vines grabbed the shell and began scrubbing it clean with sand from the lake bed. Ripple merely floated around until she was close enough to snuggle against Eaglette’s chest. The hunter couldn’t escape the attention, but honestly, she didn’t really want to. The cool skin of the tiny guardian felt good against Eaglette’s own flushed skin. Despite the torture she had been put through, her heart still melted when she looked down at the little green beauty.

I’m sore, are you quite done with me?” Eaglette entreated.

No,” huffed Ripple. “I’m going to rest a minute, and then extract payment for the last fish.”

This isn’t fair,” Eaglette wailed. “You’ve cum so many times, and you’ve made me so horny I can barely stand it. If you torture me one more time without letting me orgasm, I’m going to be horny to death.”

Ripple giggled, dragging her fingers across Eaglettes nipples. The shock sent tremors through her body. Her pussy clenched reflexively. It ached to be filled, and it hurt terribly. She was on fire, her desire consuming her, but with her arms and legs bound, there was nothing she could do about it. It was the worst torture yet.

A desperate moan escaped Eaglette, but that only made her tormenter smile gleefully. With renewed energy, she stroked and pinched the hunter’s overly sensitive skin. She paid special attention to Eaglette’s swollen breasts, kneading and suckling at them. This sent her into an absolute tizzy.

Ripple played on her desires with a resilience that could only be magical. When the guardian worked her fingers down Eaglettes belly, heading for the furry mound between her thighs, she trembled with anticipation. The first caress of her swollen clit was mind-boggling. Pleasure erupted through her whole body. She very nearly climaxed from that single touch.

Ripple drifted behind her, grabbing the shell from an outstretched vine. She placed it between Eaglette’s labia, and a second spasm rocked the hunter’s body. The guardian wasn’t concerned about being gentle this time. She shoved the shell into her own pussy and ground her pelvis down to Eaglette’s sex.

This time it was Eaglette’s turn to scream. The shell filled her pussy to the limit, stretching her wide. Ripple drove hard and fast into her, and the orgasms started almost immediately. It was intense, waves of absolute ecstasy flowing around her, radiating off her and pulsing through the water. Ripple didn’t stop, she was on a mission to catch Eaglette up, and it was going to take several orgasms until the two women were even.

One climax after the other wracked Eaglette’s already exhausted body. She had no control, and Ripple showed her little mercy. That wasn’t surprising since she was probably getting her back for earlier in the day when Eaglette used her own brand of pleasure to torture the guardian.

Finally, Ripple uttered a pathetic mewl, and she came for the final time. Both women were absolutely exhausted from their ordeal. Eaglette was released from her vine bondage, but she didn’t have the energy to escape. It wouldn’t have done much good anyway since the guardian had already had her way with every orifice.

With a burst of energy that was lacking in the hunter, Ripple dragged them both back out onto the pebbled shore. They lay there, sopping wet, and covered in their own juices. Thick milky ooze dripped from both their pussies, the effect their lovemaking had on the smooth shell dildo.

Neither one spoke, for a long time. The moon edged it’s way over the tree line, and a brilliant canopy of stars appeared above them. They relaxed against one another, snuggling in the mess of naked flesh and body fluids. Both of them content beyond all reason.

Ripple was the first to speak. Her voice was hesitant and shy. “You may go, my eagle-eyed hunter. You have fully paid your debt to me. I release you.”

Eaglette laughed. It started as a tiny hiccuping giggle but soon bloomed into a full-body shaking belly laugh. She laughed and laughed until she couldn’t breathe. Tears were rolling down her rosy cheeks, and still, she laughed. Her sides ached from the laughter, heck, even her pussy ached from the renewed blood flow. Still, she couldn’t stop. The laughter just kept rolling out of her like a wave of giddy hilarity.

What is so funny?” demanded Ripple. “I’ve just told you that you are free to go.”

Between gasps, Eaglette managed to cobble a sentence together. “Why would I want to do that, you silly green monster.”

And the truth was, she had no plans to leave.


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Chapter 1 Page 13

What are doing back there?” Eaglette’s question was suspicious.

Shush. Payment.” Was the only response she received. She craned her neck to see what her little monster was on about. She had a sinking feeling she knew where this was headed.

It isn’t going to fit back there, that thing is huge,” Eaglette protested.

Enough,” snapped Ripple, and one of the vines curved around Eaglette’s mouth, effectively gagging her. Wasn’t that a pretty pickle?

Ripple spoke again. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” If the guardian had intended her words to be soothing, they were lost on Eaglette. Unable to respond, however, she was completely at the mercy of her sadistic captor.

Ripple placed the tip of the shell against the rose pucker on Eaglette’s ass. The hunter struggled, trying to shift her bum away from the intruding object, but the vines tightened, holding her in place. Ripple made tsking noises and pressed the bulb into that sensitive area.

The guardian was not harsh, and she slowly pushed the shell deeper, allowing Eaglette to acclimated to the large object intruding in a place that wasn’t used to such torture. When the shell had sunk into her sufficiently, Ripple straddled the other end, placing it once again inside her pussy. Was she insatiable? How many times was she going to cum before she was satisfied?

Like before, the guardian rode the shell, driving it deeply into both of them. The shell worked further into Eaglette’s poor little ass hole with every pounding thrust. Getting into the rhythm was easier this time, and the hunter had less trouble breathing with the focus on her nether regions instead of her abused mouth and throat.

Eaglette made whimpering noises, but they were mostly ignored. Once, she did make a noise akin to distress when the bulb plunged deeper than she was prepared for. Even though Ripple didn’t respond verbally, she thrust a little more cautiously after that, at least until she started her next round of climaxes.

By the time the screaming started, Eaglette’s ass was well and truly taken. It gaped open for the shell dildo, taking every last inch that was placed inside of her. Milky warm liquid poured into her ass hole, filling her with so much spooge that it squirted out between her butt cheeks.

When Ripple’s climax sputtered to a trembling conclusion, the guardian could barely move. If it hadn’t been for the water, she would have collapsed over top of her captive. Instead, she bobbed over Eaglette like a piece of debris.

The vines eased once again. They didn’t release Eaglette’s arms and legs, but her mouth was free. She gasped, the shell slid out of her, releasing her ass from the tight intruder.

You are a mean little monster,” whimpered Eaglette. All pretense was gone from her tone. What more did she have to lose? It wasn’t like Ripple could do much worse to her.


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Chapter 1 Page 12

After another bout of coughing and sputtering, her lips were released. Then Ripple flipped her index finger, and the two of them, surrounded by the obedient vines, dropped. They hit the water with a giant cannonball splash. Luckily for Eaglette, the vines protected her belly on the way down, preventing her from doing a painful belly flop.

Once the lapping water rose above Eaglette’s head, she had another great concern. She was underwater, and she knew it would be dangerous to stay that way for long. She fought to hold her breath, but a tickle in her throat made her want to cough again, and inhale deeply. She resisted, but it was torturous.

Ripple watched her, the water giving her a fuzzy ethereal sheen. She smiled suddenly and giggled. Eaglette wasn’t sure what was so funny, but with her lungs burning from holding her breath, she didn’t appreciate any kind of humor.

Let the air out, my captive intruder. I have given you the ability to breathe underwater.” Ripple’s voice was clear even under the water.

Eaglette couldn’t stand the pressure building in her lungs any longer. She let out her breath in a gag. Water rushed in, filling her nose and mouth, and for a brief terrifying moment, she worried that Ripple had lied, and this was her final breath. True to her word, however, the guardian kept her promise. The first shuddering mouthful of water went down into her lungs just like air. She breathed, just like normal, except that she was now, quite surprisingly, breathing water.

The effects will only last a day or two, but that gives me plenty of time to torture you… I mean receive payment for the last two fish.” Ripple was smug. “Don’t worry, you can still go topside, and breath air, just not until I’m finished with you.”

How has this happened?” Eaglette questioned. Her own voice sounding stronger and clearer than she would have expected.

Magic, silly,” replied Ripple. “I am a powerful gate guardian, so don’t you forget it. You are at my mercy, and you would do well to remember that fact. Now stop struggling, I want payment for my second fish.”

Eaglette was not even aware that she had been struggling, but once again the vines had grown tight around her limbs, pulling painfully. She took a deep breath, if that’s what you could call it underwater, and relaxed her aching muscles. As before, the vines eased when she stopped struggling, letting circulation flow back into her extremities.

Ripple lifted off the vines, swimming gracefully in the water which surrounded her. If Eaglette thought the guardian was beautiful above the water, she was absolutely stunned by the grace and beauty she took on in her natural element.

That wonder was diminished slightly when Ripple swam around to the hunter’s nether regions and started poking at her butt cheeks.


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Chapter 1 Page 11

It was slick, the smooth casing gliding easily against her tongue. It was large enough to spread her jaw uncomfortably and make it difficult to breathe. She struggled against the shell, but Ripple held it firmly in place, uttering soothing noises that didn’t amount to any actual words. Unable to protest or escape, she relaxed against her restraints. The vines eased, allowing blood to flow back into her extremities, but there was no relief from the hard nob in her mouth.

Ripple put the other end of the shell against her own pussy. The bulb slid between her dark labia, and she shuddered happily. The tiny guardian hoisted her legs and hooked them over the nape of Eaglette’s neck. With a hard thrust, she pushed upwards with her pelvis, driving the object deep into her sex.

This sent the shell down Eaglette’s throat. She choked and gagged, trying to catch her breath around the massive thing. Her lips brushed against the skin at Ripple’s nether as the shell was momentarily engulfed between them.

When Ripple pulled back, the huntress managed a blessed gulp of air. It tasted decadently sweet after the lack of breath. Eaglette didn’t get long to enjoy breathing because Ripple shoved her groin right back up into the hunter’s face.

This cut off her breathing once again, but she was more prepared the second time. The thrusts were repeated, over and over. Each time, Ripple’s pussy came close and touched her lips. The guardian’s juices coated the shell, splashing warm moisture all over Eaglette’s face.

Once Eaglette got into the rhythm of the thrusts, she stopped worrying about the next breath and let herself feel the warm tingle building against her tongue. Taking staggering gasps when she was allowed, she found the light-headed effect it had on her to be pleasurable. Not that she could really protest much.

Ripple had stopped paying attention to her captive. The guardian’s eyes were closed in rapturous bliss. She leaned her head back, small fingers caressing her own breasts and tweaking her raised nipples. Her legs tensed every time she thrust upward, and the shell dildo was penetrating her profoundly.

It wasn’t long before Eaglette noticed the shivering trembles that marked Ripple climaxing. She wouldn’t have thought the tiny woman had any more left in her. She was sorely mistaken about that.

That wasn’t the only thing that caught her off guard. Ripple’s whimpering orgasm was accompanied by a salty liquid squirting out of the tip of the bulb in Eaglette’s mouth.

It filled her mouth, rushed down her throat, and she choked. The overflow leaked into her lungs, which caused her to cough and sputter desperately. Gently, the shell was removed and the final squirts of the liquid ejected all over her face, covering her eyes, nose, and mouth in a milky film. The same slick liquid was dripping from Ripple’s pussy as well.

You have paid sufficiently for the first fish, but you have two left to pay for.” That was when Ripple leaned down and kissed her. The kiss was poignant and heartfelt. It stole Eaglette’s breath away, literally. She suddenly found it very difficult to breathe, and any of the milky substance still left in her mouth seemed to be making its way eerily down her windpipe.


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Chapter 1 Page 10

That wasn’t enough to save her from the tortures Ripple was planning. One of the vines came up from behind her, grabbing her around the waist and lifting her into the air. It pulled her back towards Ripple, and the lake, which was now amassed with countless vines shooting into the air above the water.

Eaglette struggled, but it was useless. The vines held onto her tightly. They whipped back, suspending her above the lake, flipping her over so she could see the conglomeration of vines. In the center was Ripple, reclined against one of the larger creepers like a queen on her throne.

I don’t suppose it would help if I said I was sorry?” hazarded Eaglette.

I’m not going to hurt you,” Ripple said in a whisper almost too soft to hear. Her eyes had gone misty, and her face was a mask of serenity. She was lost in the moment, barely even acknowledging Eaglette’s struggles. It was the most frightening thing the hunter had ever witnessed. She was trapped, and completely at the mercy of this creature before her, a creature whom, up until now, she had sorely underestimated.

The vines lifted Ripple towards the hunter, and she spread her legs invitingly. Eaglette was somewhat exasperated with herself when she realized that even now she wanted to dive headfirst into that inviting pussy. It was a cute little slit, and it made her mouth water just watching it approach.

Ripple had other plans for her victim, however, plans that didn’t involve Eaglette getting her way. The guardian didn’t speak, but the slightest flick of her hand made the vines move once more. They grabbed Eaglette’s arms and legs, spreading them apart. The hunter grunted, tugging at the restraints.

Eaglette’s wrists started going numb almost immediately, and the muscles in her groin pulled painfully. She was spread open, naked, and completely helpless. Her pussy and ass gaped open, and if there had been anyone behind her, they would have been able to see right down into her deepest depths.

When Ripple was under her nose, that tender slit taunting her from mere inches away, the guardian halted her upward ascent.

Eaglette breathed in the musky scent, sending her to dizzying heights of arousal. She shook her head to clear it. There was something she wanted to say. The words were muddled in her churning mind, but they were important. They needed to be said.

Look, I just… I just wanted you to know that I think… I think you’re amazing.” The words sounded jumbled, her tongue-twisting awkwardly around what she was trying to say. Had they even come out in the right order? She continued anyway.

This place saved my life. You saved my life. I can’t explain it, but you have made me feel things I didn’t even know were possible to feel. What I’m trying to say… damn it! Thank you.”

The guardian’s eyes sharpened and focused on her intensely. “You’re welcome,” said Ripple. Then she placed the shell against Eaglette’s lips and shoved it in.


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Chapter 1 Page 9

No doubt about it, Eaglette was smitten. She was caught in a net of lust and desire. There was no going back. Like a prey animal, drawn into a trap, she was headed for total destruction and loving every minute of the journey.

As Ripple emerged from the sparkling water, dazzling evening light flashed off the waves beneath her. Eaglette noticed an object clutched in her hand. It was cylindrical, long, and oddly colored, like a smoothed purple shell. The strange object was bulbous at either end, and it looked phallic, no doubt about it.

What have you got there?” The hunter peeked curiously down at the object.

It’s a magical device that enhances sexual experience,” Ripple explained. “It is lovely when used by one person, but much more effective when used by two or even more.” Ripple looked down sadly. “I have only had myself to use it on for a very long time. Now that you’re here, I can make it part of your payment.”

Wait a second,” broke in Eaglette. “I thought we were even. Didn’t I just give you unimaginable pleasure?”

You did,” Ripple answered, a tiny waiver of hesitancy in her voice. “That was a good sound payment for bathing in my lake, but there were the fish.”

Ah, I see,” said Eaglette, realization dawning on her. “The three fish that I ate.”

Yes,” conceded the guardian. “Those fish were going to be my dinner, so that is going to require the most payment of all.”

Eaglette felt a little tremble of anticipation travel up her spine, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake.

Ripple didn’t move, but the lake behind her began to roll and boil. It seethed like there was something below the surface trying to get out. For the first time, Eaglette felt a tinge of worry. Something was wrong, something she hadn’t really anticipated. This was power, pure and simple. This power was uncontrollable and immense. This power was turned against her.

Vines rose up from the water, thick and wet. She was beginning to get a sense of the ability in the minuscule guardian, and it frightened her a little. Her pulse sped up, and her breath shuddered. Her mind was fighting the images presented before her. This couldn’t possibly be the same shy little green princess she had just fooled around with. This creature was terrifying and mercurial.

She should definitely run, and she should do it now.

She stood, tottering a little, then she darted for the tree line. The pebbles on the beach had gone from pleasantly textured to hazardous slippery terrain. Eaglette was a pretty good runner. She had spent a lot of time in the deep forest, and she was fit and slim.


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Chapter 1 Page 8

Mercy, please,” Ripple whimpered, but Eaglette showed her none. She delved in deeper, rhythmically pinching her nipple with every stroke. It was more than Ripple could take, her body shuddered as a grand climax consumed her, leaving her wheezing and breathless.

Ripple was crying, wet tears staining her walnut skin. She clung to Eaglette as if her life depended on it, struggling to take every shuddering breath. Only then did Eaglette concede, and remove her fingers from the guardian’s dripping cunt. Only then did she release her from sexual torture.

Once her rapturous torment had ended, Ripple produced a burst of energy, pealing away from Eaglette over the smooth stones, and diving headlong into the crystal water. She disappeared below the water’s smooth surface, causing barely a hint of her namesake.

For several agonizing moments, Eaglette was afraid she had done something terribly wrong, and the little green monster was gone forever. She sat on the shore, naked and feeling slightly abandoned. That feeling, in and of itself, caught her off guard. Why should she care if the bossy little princess had a tantrum and left? She should just grab her meager belongings and leave while she had the chance. She should go before this whole crazy experience turned her into a permanent resident of this hidden lake.

Eaglette didn’t move, she should have used that moment to escape, but she didn’t. She sat on the shoreline, watched the subtle movements on the surface of the lake, and waited.

Finally, long after any average person would have perished from holding their breath, the top of Ripple’s head emerged. She looked like a moss-covered stone, and her eyes were barely above the waterline. Her hair splayed around her like kelp drifting in the mild current. Despite the fact that her nose and mouth were still completely below the surface, she didn’t seem to be having any breathing difficulties.

Eaglette’s heart skipped like a stone over the water right at the guardian of the lake.

Ripple regarded the huntress for several minutes. With the majority of her face obscured, it was impossible to tell what the creature was thinking, but Eaglette could imagine. The guardian’s slim eyebrows were furrowed, and she never moved her gaze from Eaglette.

Eaglette relaxed her posture, leaning back on her elbows. Normally she didn’t break eye contact first, as with most creatures it was a sign of weakness, but she wanted to appear less threatening. She wanted to put Ripple at ease, so she would come back onto the shore and share her body again. Eaglette waited with practiced patience of a hunter, and eventually, slowly, Ripple emerged.

When the guardian stepped out onto the shore, it took the hunter’s breath away. Ripple was now completely naked, her green skin sparkling with a collection of water droplets strung like diamonds across her bare skin. She rose from the water, her diminutive size no longer making her seem childish. She had a fully formed and gorgeous body that made Eaglette’s mouth water, and her belly tighten. Her fingers ached to stroke those luscious breasts, and she could practically taste each drop of water she wanted to lick off the guardian.


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