Delicious Peril

Delicious Peril

Do you want a getaway that satisfies and scratches deep itches you didn’t even know you had? Are you bored with the same humdrum? Does the thought of an untamed, barely human monster between your sheets excite you? Maybe you are the monster. Do your sexual fantasies frighten your vanilla partners?

If any of this rings true, Vibra Corporation would like to offer you the perfect destination for your pleasure and delicious peril. 

An average vacation will lead you to where you hike around, looking at rocks, rivers, and ruins that look like all the other rocks, rivers, and ruins you’ve seen before.

Meanwhile,  Vibracorp has acquired several lush and vibrant planets teeming with life. Vibra, our exalted founder, and her employees have seeded these planets with a myriad of races, both rare and unusual. As a result, the brilliant minds at VibraCorp have put together the perfect space safari experience.

Is this just some overhyped zoo, you might ask? The answer is a resounding NO!

Safari adventure packets take you to locations where there are no fences and no barriers. Because vehicles aren’t allowed (other than the dropship that places you in the safari, of course), visitors are released right into the thick of it. So you would be camping and hiking right in the habitats, free to wander from biome to biome at your own pace. 

The brilliant scientists at Vibracorp have blended terraforming technologies with natural products and specimens to ensure that you have an authentic adventure while guaranteeing that your safari is more beautiful and pristine than any you will find naturally occurring. So you can relax and forget that an intelligent hand crafted these unique luxurious worlds.

Space Safari sounds like a bargain, you might say. But you are still hesitant. A trip to a galactic paradise sounds exciting but also dangerous. 

Well, it is undoubtedly dangerous. The creatures aren’t tamed, and they can sometimes be aggressive. Usually, they are very curious about the visitors that pass through their homes. Often, they might be intrigued enough to become intimately involved with the visitors. These interactions are encouraged. Most zoos won’t let you touch the animals. Here animals are encouraged to connect with you in all sorts of ways. 

If you are concerned for your safety, there are a variety of insurance packages available. 

For example, visitors can opt for a state of the art cloning service for a small one-time fee. If something unfortunate happens to you while on Safari, Vibralabs will grow a clone body almost identical to your original. Then, your consciousness would be transferred, through an easy, painless process, into the new body. Doesn’t that sound like a great value? In addition, the season’s pass package includes unlimited cloning for an entire decade.

Even though it requires much funding to keep such a massive infrastructure running, Vibra and her team have worked tirelessly to keep the costs reasonable for the affluent adventurer. In addition, Vibracorp offers several payment plans for explorers on a budget to make this extravagance available to almost anyone. 

Vibracorp even offers an internship program including a work release and indenture experiences in place if you don’t mind physical labor. 

Do you still require convincing? How about testimony from an actual adventurer?

“I was hesitant at first, but I decided to check it out. I couldn’t afford it, not on my salary. We worked out a deal. Let’s say I became very instrumental in the park’s breeding program. 

I arrived with a group of attractive young ladies. The guide was amiable and also named Vibra, just like the founder. She led us through some games that got our juices going. I believe this helped us bond. The jungles were stunning and private. 

My experience with VibraCorp’s Intergalactic Safari was very stimulating. On top of that, I am now expecting…*redacted*.”   

~Cindy Kanis

Why are you waiting? Find your nearest VibraCopr representative and schedule your vacation today. Then, your deepest and darkest desires will be yours to grasp.

If you are too afraid to take an actual Safari, you could always read about it in Chimerella’s series of short stories titled THE INTERGALACTIC SEXY SAFARI.